Kenny Walker on TD Catch, His Improvement

Sep. 9 -- UCLA senior receiver Kenny Walker talked about his TD catch in the A&M game, and how his technique has improved...

Kenny Walker talked to us during UNLV week. 

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On the new braids:

I like to try new things

On how it fits under the helmet:

It feels alright. I usually wear a bandanna so if I get hit, it cushions it.

On his touchdown:

I went to go watch it. I don’t even know how I caught the ball. I tracked it over my left shoulder so when I turned the other way, I just reached the other way and it hit my hands.

On how many times he’s watched it:

Lots of times. It doesn’t get old.

On Josh Rosen going to him first pass of the game:

It wasn’t planned, he just called the play. 

On if he’s improved in tracking the ball:

I think I’ve improved. Like I said last time, it was a confidence thing. Usually I wouldn’t go for that ball because it was a hard catch. I have it in my head now, go for it, a confidence thing.  Just preparation and a lot of practice and being around my teammates and them encouraging me to get better and be a leader for my receivers. 

On if Trevor Moewad has helped with that:

Actually he has. He always talks about character and staying positive. I’m a positive person but he brought it out more because I’m a more to myself person. He brought it out so I interact with my teammates more.

On hand placement:

Hand placement was a key because some low balls, I’d catch it like this.  But I kind of started flipping my hands and working on that. Sometimes I’d turn my hands over like this, so it was practicing that and having Yarbs throwing me the ball in awkward ways so I could catch it like that.

On being more of a third down target instead of just a deep threat:

Yeah I’m definitely confident doing that now because ive been working on catching the ball in tight spaces with Coach Yarbs on the sidelines and having soft hands and posting up to catch the ball.

On what their main takeaway is from the A&M game:

I think the main takeaway is execution. We didn’t execute very well.  We had a meeting on Sunday and watched the film and saw a lot of little things that messed us up that won’t carry over to the next game.  Route running, it has gotten real good, but it was off kind of in the game. We can improve on a lot of things.

On if that is timing:

A little bit of everything. Running routes consistently versus man versus any coverages and knowing how the route is ran a certain way.

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