Olorunfunmi on First TD, RB Rotation

Sep. 9 -- Sophomore running back Bolu Olorunfunmi talked about his first career touchdown, and preparing for UNLV...

Bolu Olorunfunmi answered questions during UNLV week.

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On scoring his first touchdown:

I’ve achieved a long lost mission. It’s been two years since I last scored a touchdown so it felt really good. Especially in those circumstances, I felt like it was something we needed as a team to get back in there.

On keeping the mindset:

Honestly I think it’s the way we prepare. We’ve been down before.

On the touchdown:

It was exciting.  It was really exciting. It was a momentum thing. You have to keep fighting and that was my mindset, keep fighting, you never know. Honestly, it was weird, I felt like I never touched the ground, I just kept going. Once I saw the opening, I kept going.

On running off tackle:

I think we did good, there are always a lot of things you can get better at.  For the next couple weeks, this week we worked on just running, don’t slow your feet down. For the first game in this offense, I think we did a good job.

On if that was the reaction to the overall performance:

Yeah, just keep running, don’t stop your feet. If you stop your feet, you give the defense a chance to catch up to you. Run through traffic. You have to not really care.

On not having Nate Starks:

Coach P tells us if one man is down, you get up and keep going and step up so that’s what we’re doing. He’ll be back and we’ll look a lot better. Until then, we’re picking him up.

On the keys to change:

Pretty much not beat ourselves, catch the ball when you can, run the ball with authority, no mental mistakes, be focused. Pretty much that’s what our mindset is. We felt like we beat ourselves, and left a bunch out on the field. Pretty much the main goal is finishing.  Our main goal is to score touchdowns.

On what they lacked in the red zone:

We just lacked in the mentality of finishing, which has been what we’ve worked on this week, finish, finish, finish. Coach P has us finishing after every play.  With that mentality, we should be able to finish in the red zone.


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