Dorrell's Comments On Wednesday Practice

Wednesday Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks about a couple of key freshmen, the banged-up running back unit, and who has caught his eye so far in camp...

On the RBs being banged up.

"You'll have the nagging injuries at this stage in camp. Its part of the game."

On Justin London's foot.

"Justin London has an arch problem, that has been bothering him for a few days, and it got rolled over.

On Kevin Brant/Eric McNeal.

"They did some good things. With guys out, its their time to show what they could do. From my standpoint, they did some good things."

On Kevin Brown playing both ways.

"We're counting on him being a factor with our defensive line. At this time, with a young guy trying to learn we arent trying to do anything more with him."

On players standing out.

"The Balls are having a great camp. They are setting the tempo. Justin London has been very, very noticeable. Both of our safeties and Matt Ware are tremendous, I thought. They have had a good start, and a good feel of what we are doing on defense. On offense, Paul Mociler, Ed Blanton is doing well at right tackle, and we really feel good about that. Marcedes Lewis is really catching on. The quarterbacks are playing well, Tyler Ebell, Manuel White, Maurice Drew, we feel there is a really good stable of tailbacks. Craig Bragg is Craig Bragg. We just expect him to play well all the time, and thats what he does, but we kind of don't give him the value or the talk that we need to appreciate what he does for us. He's a steady and good player all the time. Idris Moss has had a couple of good practices. Jacques Lazarus caught the ball very well today. Junior (Lemau'u is doing well, he has kind of a hip contusion, he took a helmet in the butt, but he is steadily improving. Kevin Brown will be a factor in what we do this year. We are still evaluating Bruce Davis. He doesnt have the size right now. But is he a factor for our future? You bet.

On Marcedes Lewis.

"He's still learning. He's a very talented kid and quarterbacks love big targets. You've seen how well he catches the ball, and he just has some things to work on in running the ball.

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