UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley Talks Lapses Against UNLV

Sept. 10 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke Saturday night about the struggles against UNLV, where the unit needs to improve and more...

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Opening statement:

You have to give the opponent some credit, they did some good things against us. We hung in there and we got quite a few unscouted looks they gave us. Once again, you try to make the best call for them. I'll watch the film, that's not a copout, there are things you don't see from the side. We did a lot of midgame adjustments.

On what they hadn't seen:

Midline versus a nose guard, haven't seen that since playing a true wishbone team back in the 1985 season, with Oklahoma. I haven't seen it since then.  I've seen it against a 3-technique, usually it's hard to do against the nose because the nose clamps on to the center. It's been a long time since I've seen it. I hadn't seen them do the down the line option.

On balancing blitzing:

You always want to try and be balanced in what you do and why you're doing it. Sometimes you get behind, they caused us some times, we have to make the tackles on third down.  We have to pride ourselves to get off the field. Some of those were long third downs. The medium ones, they'll get. They did a good job of mixing up their protections.

On not having Eddie Vanderdoes for much of the night:

Once again, not having that guy in the middle, not having him the second half.  Jacob Tuioti-Mariner had to go inside.  He plays a lot of positions for us. It's hard for him to play when he doesn't get reps at it. Nick Terry is in there, but he's a new guy. Coach McClure does a good job rotating and keeping them fresh. I don't want to make an excuse because we didn't have the players. That's not right. Our opponent, you have to give them credit, they did a fine job tonight.

On Josh Woods:

Josh played a lot of SAM for us but he plays a lot of positions for us. I thought he played well and is going to be a fine football player for us.

On if there is concern with run defense:

Yeah, it's something we have to get a handle on. A lot of it has to do with the quarterbacks running the football, it gives us problems. We have to keep working on it and hopefully we'll get that thing solved. We don't want to take anything away from the opponents, they did a good job tonight.

On the pass defense:

I thought we did pretty good. Once we figured out a couple things. I thought Coach Martin made a couple really good adjustments at halftime with what we're trying to get done.  Number 83 (Devonte Boyd) is a good football player and I thought Coach Martin did a great job getting us into that right coverage.

On moving the DB's around to stop Boyd:

We kind of figured what kind of day it would be when they went up top on the first play, it didn't help my breakfast, because I saw it coming.

On what kind of receiver Boyd was to defend:

I'm mad at myself for the catch on third down, that was a terrible call.  The catch before the half. When you go through and look at things and evaluate, you have to look at yourself first. The kids will lose respect for you if you don't say 'this was a very good call.' We're a team.  You have to look at yourself first and see how can I help those guys and put them in a better position.

On if he knows when Takk McKinley will return:

I do not. Our medical people will let us know what they think, but not right now. Would I have liked to have had him, sure, when he was in the ten plays, he was a force.

On Jaleel Wadood:

He had some bumps and bruises too. We had some guys who were banged up. We're hesitant. You look at Deon (Hollins), he's had some concussion symptoms, and the docs have to be extra cautious on those things. Another guy you'd love to have. He had some reoccurances this week and it's not worth the chance. It's never worth the chance.

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