UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosen Talks After Victory Against UNLV

Sept. 10 -- UCLA sophomore quarterback Josh Rosen spoke Saturday following the victory against UNLV about his big block, finding a go-to target and more...


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On his block on Soso Jamabo's run:

I saw him coming around.  I was really going to go for it but I realized it was my throwing shoulder, so I just got in his way. In retrospect, it would have been cool if I laid him out but I have to think about the future.

On if it was a block or getting in his way:

It's a subjective question, I'll let everyone else decide.

On when he sees Soso Jamabo flip the field:

It was a little flashback to Reggie Bush honestly, or Matt Leinart, so we always joke about that, so when he flips the field, of course he does.

On how he felt the offense performed:

I thought we did pretty well.  I mean, there were a few things I missed but didn't directly see, but that's more a tape thing, rather than I know it didn't happen. I get a lot of flack for being blunt and honest in letting everyone know what's on my mind.  Last week, I let everyone know I wasn't content with how I played, this week I'm pretty happy, but I definitely think there are things to get better on.

On dropped passes:

It depends on what time in the game. If it's a game winner, it probably affects me, but we're getting better. We have a lot of new guys and it's a big stage so you have to ease into it. Hopefully we'll drop the number as we get into the season.

On if he's in sync at the beginning of games:

Absolutely. We're waiting for that guy. Someone I could come to on third down. Like Jordan Payton was last year, on third down, I could throw him a slant and it would be complete every single team.  We're waiting for that guy to emerge.  Jordan Lasley had a great game today and we'll see as we move forward. Kenny Walker is super explosive.  I'm really waiting for that consistency, that guy I can turn to and know he's always open.

On if he's putting more pressure on himself:

I believe I'm putting pressure on myself, but not too much. I have to. I strongly believe I'm the best quarterback in the country, and in order to do so, I have to take the responsibility.  I didn't do so last week, but I think I'm getting there. I think you have to play with that confidence in order to be successful. We're trying to gain that as an offense, play by play, game by game, come on the field with a swagger. You have to believe it before it happens.

On third quarter struggles:

Plays go wrong. Sometimes sports are just weird. There is a tumbling effect. Somewhere something goes wrong. That's why sports always value mentally tough individuals. Who can take a negative and not let it affect them the next play. We always have to be better at eliminating things.  

On going out of the shotgun:

From an objective point of view, you're a yard or two from the center.  It makes the edge on the tackles a little tougher, but it helps me see the field a little bit, but there is not much of a difference.

On the running game:

I'm pleased. It makes the passing game easier. As you saw, that bootleg I threw, we were running down their throats. 


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