UCLA Running Back Soso Jamabo Talks Rushing Attack

Sept. 11 -- UCLA running back Soso Jamabo spoke about the rush attack, his highlight touchdown run, the block from Josh Rosen and more following the victory against UNLV...


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On the running game:

We had a really well-balanced attack, had the young bulls in. Jalen and Brandon did a nice job.  I think we played physical and we did a great job.  We got a lot of touches and spread it out well.

On Josh Rosen's block on his touchdown run:

That was the touchdown maker right there. It was perfect. That's what you want from your QB. He's a tough dude and he showed it right there.

On the pressure on the backs:

We try not to put too much pressure on us, we just try to go out there and compete. That's what Coach P (Kennedy Polamalu) tells us. Produce. You make effort to use the skill and the skill produces. And that's what we did tonight. 

On what he saw on the cutback run:

A lot of traffic and I had a feel for the game. I tried to make a play and I turned it around and I did.  I heard Josh say, a little Reggie Bush-eqsue and Matt Leinart made a nice block.

On the running back rotation:

It keeps everyone fresh, and keeps a lot of good production. There wasn't one back who had a lot of carries tonight and I thought we did a good job of getting the young bulls a lot of carries and experience for down the road. 

On where they improved from week one:

Executing. Executing in the red zone and scoring. Putting the ball in the paint. We scored touchdowns tonight. We had a couple lapses but other than that, we did a good job and we'll keep building from that.

On if they are stopping themselves:

Absolutely. There is no one in the country that can play with us when we're minding our P's and Q's.  We can only stop ourselves. We're going to keep on moving forward, keep on executing.

On if that adds more pressure:

Not at all. I think we're willing to take on that challenge. We put it amongst ourselves to battle hard every play. If the defense isn't playing well, the offense isn't playing well, one of the sides we'll have our backs.

On if they did a better job in pass blocking:

We made a huge stop. I didn't a lot in pass blocking, but Coach P got on us this week to man up and be better pass blockers and that's what we'll do and moving forward the backs will be better pass blockers too.


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