UCLA Linebacker Kenny Young Spoke About the Defensive Struggles Against UNLV

Sept. 11 -- UCLA inside linebacker Kenny Young spoke Saturday about the defensive struggles against UNLV, what the unit needs to correct and more...


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On the defensive performance:

It was pretty good. I think there are a lot of things for us to fit, adjustments to make in a game.  Overall, we got the W, which is mot important. We can fix the wrinkles.

On what wrinkles they need to fix:

The little things. Nothing really too big. We knew what they were going to do. They had some gimmicks with the quarterback and the way the lineman blocked. I'm not happy personally with 21 points, but we want to fix it.  It's a start and we have something to build on.

On if Johnny Stanton frustrated them:

I don't think he really frustrated us.  The coaches tell us, when we're out there, we're not really playing against anybody, but against ourselves. That's the standard we have. It's an opponent, they have 11 guys, we have 11 guys. It's a 120-yard field and there are goalposts. The game is the game. We have to do our assignment. If we can do that, we'll be unstoppable.

On Josh Woods:

You can trust Josh Woods. He's going on his second year. He has pretty good size for a sophomore. And he's really smart and talented and he'll do some great things for us in the future. He got some playing time tonight to help us in the win. He just has to keep learning and staying on top of himself, especially in practice. If i have a terrible game, it's because I had a terrible practice, so I have to fix it.  He had a pretty good practice this past week which led him to success on the field. 

On the defensive progression from week one:

We wrinkled out the mistakes we had.  The big runs were something planned by them.  The quarterback, that was schemed by them. We made the adjustments that needed to be made.  You fix your mistakes and take care of things down the road.

On UNLV's offensive line:

The way they protected, it's an awkward protection. The linebackers play like 4-5 yards. By the time we get to the lineman, the center comes off and the gap opens up.  It was a weird play, I've never seen that happen and I've been playing all my life. They came out with something we didn't scout for.  It's something that they did this week and hadn't did it before, or we would have caught it. We made the adjustments and got the W.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:

Eddie got hurt before halftime.  Something small in his knee, he said he;'ll be alright. Eddie is a great guy for us and he'll do great things for us and we have to have him back for these next two big games we have coming up.

On if there is a noticeable difference with key defensive linemen out:

I'm just zoned in. I don't know who's in as far as d-lineman, because i trust they'll do their jobs. Deon, we're in the process of getting him back and he's a big-time key player. Eddie went out and the guy behind him went in and did what he was supposed to do.  As expected. We have depth at d-line and at linebacker.  When we're doing things correct, and doing our assignments, no one can mess with us.

On third quarter struggles:

The defense struggled? You always have your ups and downs, no one has a perfect game. No one has a perfect life.  If you call it a struggle, that's what you call it. There were adjustments that need to be made. There is film, we can watch our mistakes. Take our 24-hour rule, and celebrate our W, get in the game plan and fix our mistakes for BYU, because that is a big game and we'll be ready to play it. 

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