UCLA Receiver Ishmael Adams Talks Third-Down Role

Sept. 11 -- Ishmael Adams spoke Saturday about UCLA's victory against UNLV, his own role on third downs and what the receivers need to do to improve...


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On his speed:

I worked with some of the best track coaches, like Maurice Greene coming to college and then also just the ones up there right now, that gave me the ability to keep that form and not break it and still make those cuts.

On the deep balls missing:

Obviously we can always keep working on tracking the balls and the effort we have to keep going.  Just having that constant practice every day, and even after practice, I don't think it's anything too serious. We want to connect on those, cause the score would have been different than what it was. It gives us room for improvement and not being complacent with just the W.

On developing into a go-to guy:

We have a lot of guys who can be a go-to guy. I'm just glad I could bring that energy at the beginning of the game because I have a lot of it. To come at me early and bring the onus, it felt really good.

On not having a true No. 1 receiver:

They can't really key on one person anymore. If they try to double-team me, Kenny Walker is open. Or Darren Andrews or Eldridge Massington. So we have guys like Jordan Lasley and AVD, they don't know where to go, with all of us having capability of bringing speed to the field. You bring speed to the field, there is really nothing more you can do.  We all look at ourselves as No. 1 targets.

On hey they correct dropped passes:

Just extra catching after practice. I try to catch 100-150 balls after practice every day. It also gives you that confidence still and not feeling down if you only caught one pass or one target in practice. You're still working on what you need and that one pass you get. If you catch it, that;s all that matters.

On Josh Rosen blocking for Soso Jamabo:

It's a great feeling to see everyone committed. He really put himself out there on the line for his running back and his team. There are definitely better ways for him to make that block.  But I felt like he did a great job protecting himself and breaking the runner free.

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