UCLA Defensive Tackle Eli Ankou Talks Defensive Showing Against UNLV

Sept. 12 -- UCLA defensive tackle Eli Ankou recapped the performance against UNLV, previewed the matchup against BYU, commented on Eddie Vanderdoes and more...


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On what the defense is like at full strength on the line:

I think they do have a really big impact. I still trust the guys we have in right now as long as everyone executes their scheme and their responsibilities. But I do miss them.

On if the injured D-Linemen are ready to go:

Absolutely. Takk is ready to go. Deon is ready to go.  We'll just have to play it by ear and see how they're doing and go from there. 

On what they saw against UNLV:

I think UNLV did a good job in game planning. They brought in some new stuff. Fortunately we were able to adjust in new packages and we did a good job adjusting to them.

On defending the QB run game:

With the draw, it's more of a, when you get guys that are aggressive pass rushers, its something teams will always do. It's a matter of finding a balance and maintaining it properly.

On the takeaway from BYU:

You shouldn't take them lightly. They're a very good team and we have to bring our A game.

On BYU playing Pac-12 opponents:

It does help a lot and gives a clear image of what types of players they are. BYU is a team that should be respected but we'll bring our A game.

On Eddie Vanderdoes being out again:

My heart dropped. I saw him on the sideline and it was nerve wracking.  But I think he'll be fine and should be good. He's solid. But you see your teammate fresh off an injury, and you're like 'man, you alright bud?' But he should be good.  

On if he thought he was alright on Saturday:

I guess during the game, its hard to pay attention to it. You see it and you're like 'wow', but you still have a game to play and do what you need then pay attention later on.

On how he found out he was fine:

Did you see his Instagram post? He's better now. Harambe healed him.

On if he's seen much of Taysom Hill:

Not really. I don't watch a lot of football, per se, I do watch a lot of game film. Catching football games, I don't know.

On preparing for the road:

I think our team does really well on the road, despite our loss, our team is well prepared in away environments. Its another game and environment we'll prepare for.

On why they do better on the road:

Hard to say. From my experience, when you put up a challenge like an away game, the team responds and I think we respond to those challenges and we respond to those challenges specifically.

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