UCLA OL Conor McDermott on Offensive Improvements

Sept. 13 -- Starting left tackle Conor McDermott spoke about the progress on offense, blocking for Soso Jamabo and looked ahead to the battle against BYU...


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On Soso Jamabo:

He's been outstanding. I love blocking for him, the whole line loves blocking for him. He's getting better each week and he's a great player

On his field reversing run:

It was a lot of fun and great to see plays like that happen. When you block plays and it gets muddle and you see that happen, him reversing the field, you try to do as much as you can and finish for him  It makes life easier for us and makes the game more fun.

On Josh Rosen's block:

It was awesome.  I wish he wouldn't have led with his throwing arm, but he made a great play and he made the opening for that touchdown happen.


They're a great defense, strong up front, we'll have to really focus on our technique this week and come together and take it play by play.

On BYU changing looks up front:

That was something we expected, but we prepared as well as we could and focused on our technique at that point.

On comparing BYU's defense to Oregon State's last year:

They're a strong front and will play hard every single play and give us their all and we'll give them our all.  So we'll really have to get better in practice this week.

On Josh Rosen:

There wasn't a real difference. He's getting better each week and his mindset in the game was to have a great game and he did.

On their focus this week:

Get better each week and come together a little more as a team and put together our technique and have the right mindset each week moving forward.

On Najee Toran:

Najee did fantastic. We missed Poasi but whoever is in there, we know he'll give us their all. We'll obviously get better, get in the film room and focus this week on protecting Josh.


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