UCLA WR Eldridge Massington Talks 'Being A Nerd'

Sept. 13 -- UCLA wide receiver Eldridge Massington commented on the UNLV game, finding a rhythm offensively and something position coach Eric Yarber brings up in conversations...


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On his takeaway from watching the UNLV film:

I think we played well on offense and got the running game going. We had a lot of guys catch the ball on Saturday. And we need to help our defense.

On spreading the ball around to receivers:

Everything is good. We were happy to get guys in the game to catch the ball.

On the importance of having one go-to receiver:

I think we all have that ability to make plays whenever their number is called. Not just one guy, we can go out there and do what we do.

On the importance of game reps:

It's different in a game. You work on it all the time in practice, but you have guys flying at you and trying to hit the guys. Most of the time, Josh doesn't have any pressure but its critical in the game.

On dropped passes by the receivers:

We just have to focus more.  Sometimes we lose concentration. Coach Yarbs calls it being a nerd. We try to run before we catch the ball, so it's a concentration thing. So catch more balls, looking them in and being fundamentally sound.  If you do it right in practice, you will in games.

On being targeted:

I didn't hurt at all. I felt like I was good. I'm a tough guy. It was football. It was just my helmet came off.

On if he thought it was targeting:

I didn't really know. I just was trying to get up and talk trash to him.

On if he likes the targeting rule:

It's cool but its football too.  But I don't want to be soft, I like the contact.

On BYU being without two DB's in the first half:

We are just going to go out and do what we do regardless of if they're playing or not.

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