UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley Talks Keys Against BYU

Sept. 13 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke Tuesday about what the Bruins did right against UNLV last weekend and looked ahead to the matchup against BYU...

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On how eager he is to see the defense at full strength:

Well, it would be fun to get everyone back. We just haven't our whole unit together, our whole group together we started with. We're getting better and we're getting healthier.

On if he's optimistic players will return:

That's up to the doctors. I really don't know.  They do a great job and I stay out of it. They'll let me know.  We have contingency plans in place in case this happens or something happens.

On if they get updates:

They give you updates and stoop over. I don't know if its good or bad when they watch indies. They do a great job and make sure, which is important with the players healthy so we don't want to put them back too early.

On holding Devonte Boyd without a catch in second half:

All Fabian. That was all Fabian. It wasn't anything we did, it was just Fabian going over there and locking him down. He just tracked him and did a great job on him. He missed an opportunity early, but he did a fantastic job.

On what makes Moreau a good player:

He's wonderful young man, the things he does. A great locker room guy, great around the young guys, a good influence, off field stuff, he's awesome, on field. We forget, he missed a whole year and he's getting back to where he was last year and he has a chance to be an outstanding player and he works hard. He pays attention to the little things and he wants to be great. 

On if BYU does things different from their first two opponents:

I don't think so. They have a heck of a quarterback who's dangerous, one of the more talented athletes you'll see back there, couple of good receivers, a big running back and a big offensive line.  Its a great place to play. 

On the defensive alignment:

We not totally a 4-3, we mix it up and go into different fronts. We have improvement to do and fundamentally we have to get better.  Everyone makes a big deal, but every once in a while, you have to tackle. No matter the scheme, you better tackle.  It comes down to leverage and numbers.

On not giving up a point in the 4th quarter this season:

I don't know. I'm not a big stat guy, I look at one stat, did you win the game. I don't pay a lot of attention to them.  

On BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer:

I think it was 1989 the last time I saw Ty (Detmer) in the Holiday Bowl, he had quite a night, we were lucky to beat them.  They're organized and know what they want to do. He's a pretty good coach.

On how to bring more pressure:

Pressure is a lot of different things besides sacks. We knocked them down a little bit.  The ball was coming out fast.  We didn't get the throws down the field to have an opportunity. And when you have an opportunity to sack them, you have to make the play.  It's a double edged sword.

On Jacob Tuioti-Mariner:

He's everywhere. I have to give him credit, he plays three of the four down positions. He gets his reps from the meetings and does a really good job. If things happen to him, he didn't even get a rep that week. He's our putty guy, we put him in places where something happens.

On if there are true freshman who could factor in:

We're not at that point yet, I don't think Coach Mora is at that cutoff point yet.  It's too early in the season for that assessment and as we see how our health is, we might be forced to play our younger guys.

On if someone could factor in because of injuries down the road:

Always possible to do that, if he's getting the reps. But at some point, Coach Mora could say, we're not going to waste the year unless its a catastrophe we have to.

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