UCLA Quarterbacks Coach Marques Tuiasosopo Sees Offensive Progress

Sept. 14 -- After putting up 42 points in a victory against UNLV, UCLA quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo spoke about the offensive progress, what he has seen in Josh Rosen and more...

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On the offense hitting more of its stride against UNLV:

I think first of all, from week one to week two, there was a lot of improvements and a lot of nice things that happened last week, particularly with our offense in that second half, we had those two drives to score, snd increase the score to put the game away.

On the drops by the receivers:

Those things are going to happen over the course of the season. We're either not hitting them in stride or there are drops. We're addressing it, they're working hard and it will change. It's only a couple games. We're practicing hard and working on it.

On how a quarterback works through that:

Keep believing in them, letting them know 'I'm gonna make a bad throw, it's all good.' But keep coming back and work hard. The best thing for a quarterback to do is come back and put it on the money.

On the importance of a go-to receiver:

I think Josh believes in all the receivers. First of all, he has to worry about himself first to make sure he's putting the ball where he needs to. Those guys are working hard and some guys doing good things on the perimeter. As we continue to progress here, you'll continue to see that. I think there were some major improvements from week one to week two and I think from week two to week three, we'll see that next step. It should be an exciting week for us.

On what that next step is:

I think put it altogether. The pre-snap.  We went from no penalties to four penalties. When you improve in one area and don't in another, that makes you focus and be hungry. When the defense forces a turnover, which they did, it's our job to turn those into points and we didn't do that.  If we get the ball, we go down and score.  

On spreading the ball to a number of receivers:

I think it's very important to spread the ball around. The one thing you don't want to do as a defense is become too predictable. You don't want to help the defense. They'll do a great job. Every team will have great coaches devising a plan to stop us. And you work that by spreading the ball around, be multiple and put the pressure on them. And that's a good thing. It keeps everyone involved.  They know Josh is going to throw who's open and those are the things we work on and if we continue to do that, we'll be progressing in the right direction.


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