Josh Rosen on BYU, Connection with WRs

Sep. 14 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen talked about BYU's defense, the connection with his receivers and settling into the new offense...

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On BYU's defense:

They're aggressive, they present a new set of challenges. We have to establish the run and be efficient because they want to force you into mistakes so we have to be disciplined.

On if there are similarities to Oregon State:

A little but. This BYU team more so than Oregon State has sort of an aggressive nature and wants to get after you and I think that is more scheme plus players.

On the BYU game last year:

You can't force balls, a general rule of quarterbacks don't throw across your body and don't force throws on the run. You can't coach improvisation and you have to be smart with it. I messed it up in high school a little bit.

On how the transition is going to Kennedy Polamalu offense:

I think really well. There are mistakes across the board but we have to clean up as much as we can each week.  He's incredibly aggressive but wants to stay efficient in the run game. I couldn't ask for a better called game, but a better executed game.

On the drops at receiver:

You have to make it easier for them, that's what I have to do, make everyone around me better. They're working their butts off. I have to make it easy on the offensive line and the receivers, put as good a ball as I can. 

On if there is something he can do psychologically:

Yeah, I mean, when you have a successful play, that's encouraging itself, but you have to make sure guys don't get too far down.

On the importance of a go-to guy:

A lot of times, maybe not this game, but a lot of third down is man pressures so you'll have similar routes across the board and you pick matchups. When you have one guy you can count on in man-to-man, you need that. When you're bringing six plus guys, you have to zero in on your coverage. You rely less on scheme and more on playmakers.

On if they're getting closer to that:

Yeah, you get a better feel every day. They're competing, a competitive bunch and working their butts off.

On Mossi Johnson returning:

It's awesome, especially with the second one. He had a rough patch mentally but stayed on the positive side, he's one of the most giddy, happy kids on the team and it's good to see him back to himself.

On what they're trying to do to improve this week:

Score more points.  Every time they touch the ball, you want to score. If you don't do that, you're not allowed to be happy and you shouldn't be.

On missing on some deep balls:

He's not catching it, I'm not throwing it right. We have to fix something. Something is off because it's not competed. We have to work it to get it right.

On if the BYU game from last year sticks with him:

I mean, I think if a game from a year ago stuck in my mind, it wouldn't be good going to the next play so that's what the game is about, moving on. If you're thinking about a game a year, other than strategically, you're not in the best state.

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