UCLA Walk-On TE Giovanni Gentosi on How He Earned Playing Time

Sep. 16 -- The walk-on tight end Giovanni Gentosi tells the story of how he walked on as a center and eventually made his way to tight end and getting playing time...

Walk-on tight end Giovanni Gentosi talked during BYU week. 

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On the process in coming to UCLA:

I played center at Corona del Mar HS and then really just, what happened was my dad’s friends lawyer’s son is Pat Girardi and that’s how my name got here. My freshman year here I was primarily a scout team guy playing center, playing against Kenny Clark and Ellis McCarthy. Last year I got switched to fullback but I’d play a little center when they needed me. I played in about 4-5 games at center and fullback.

On his weight:

The heaviest I was freshman year was 245 and this year at camp I was 245. I’ve dropped some since then.

On if he’d played tight end:

No, never.

On who’s idea it was to move to tight end:

Coach Klemm texted me and said ‘can you come in and talk to us about your position,’ so I said, yeah, sure. So I talked to him and Coach Scherer about it and they said there was an opportunity to play there and I took them up on it.

On if they knew he could catch:

I guess a little from fullback since I have to catch a little bit. Primarily, the Y tight end you have to block first then be effective downfield, but blocking is more important. I had a lot to learn about routes and concepts but Coach Scherer has done a good job and the other receivers have taught me the small things.

On if he’s surprised with his playing time:

Kind of. Going back to freshman year, I never thought I’d be here. It was a goal. But to actually be here and have the opportunity I have is great.

On if they’ve talked scholarship with him:

Not this year, not yet. I’m sure they’ll make the best decision.

On if Rosen gives him tips:

He’ll give me a few tips here and there about route running and help with plays. He’s helped.

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