WR Mossi Johnson on Rose Bowl TD After Injury

Sep. 16 -- UCLA receiver Mossi Johnson talked about how big his first Rose Bowl touchdown was after fighting back from his knee injury and more...

UCLA WR Mossi Johnson talked during BYU week. 

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On returning to action:

It was fun actually and to be back. I had been gone for a minute and it felt good to be back. I’d put a lot of effort into working with my team and it was fun being back with my team as a group.

On if he feels 100%:

Yes, I do feel 100%

On how he injured himself:

I landed wrong and I’ve been rehabbing ever since. I still go to rehab.  Working on little things, stretching out, working on jumps, just making sure I don’t get injured again.  This is football, your body is going to hurt. Its how you take care of it when no one is watching.

On if it was two injuries or one:

It was just one. Last year there was only one injury.

On his touchdown against UNLV:

The touchdown felt great. Our job is to score. I was happy to score but I would love to keep scoring, I’m not going to lie. I’m going to keep working hard to score.

On tweeting his touchdown pics:

The touchdown I tweeted out was my first touchdown in the Rose Bowl as a Bruin. I got a lot of retweets and likes and praise for that, which was good, thank you Bruin Nation, Bruin Revolution still going on. Coach Mora sent me a picture I’ll post real soon, that was nice too.

On how he recovered mentally:

I just stay positive and working on what the team needs.  Knowing my role as a player and I’m just here to make plays for the team and doing what the team needs.

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On the emphasis on catching the ball:

We’re supposed to catch every pass thrown our way. We drop some. It’s football, we’re not perfect, but we’re getting better and better. It’s all about where we go from here.

On if he ever felt down:

No, I never doubted myself. I believed I’d be back and making plays for my team. Offense, special teams, helping when someone was down for a play. Whatever, I’m just here for the team.

On how close they are to finding a go-to guy:

As the group, we all feel he can rely on everybody, whether it’s me, no matter who’s in the game, me, Eldridge, Kenny Walker, Alex Van Dyke, Jordan Lasley, Theo Howard, Stevie Johnson, Ishmael Adams. We have a lot of players who can make plays and he has to trust we can make plays for him.

On Ishmael Adams:

He’s actually a very talented player and he’s getting the hang of receiver. I’m in the meeting room with him and he knows offense and defense and he’s bringing the swagger into the meeting room and making us better as a group.

On the distribution of the ball:

It keeps you engaged. As youre on the field, we all think we’re getting the ball and if we don’t, we turn to blockers right away. We’re a group and we all look out for each other. If one makes a play, we all look at it like we made the play.

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