UCLA QB Josh Rosen Frustrated With Performance

Sept. 18 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen spoke about his performance against BYU, what he's struggling with on the field and more following a 17-14 victory...


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Opening statement:

We left like 21 points on the board. I had a miserable throw to Eldridge when I could have thrown to Austin in the corner. I missed Ish.  We ended up scoring on that drive but we left a lot of points on the board, I could have executed much, much better. And we didn't run the ball for very many years, but they were threatened by our vertical passing game. 

On his 300-yard performance:

I don't care, I just need to execute in key moments of the game, not just the fourth quarter, but first and second quarter. I have to play better.  It's frustrating. After A&M, I was getting better, UNLV was a productive game. To take a step back like this is really frustrating.

On if he really thinks he took a step back:

Absolutely.  I'm not just going off stats, touchdowns, picks. It's going off film, and coaching points. If I go 10-for-10 for 80 yards and no touchdowns and thats what I needed to do, I'd consider that more successful than if I went 25-for-50 for 350-400 yards, three touchdowns, two picks. It's all relative. I wasn't executing what I was asked to do today. It gets frustrating because the coaches are getting on you and helping you out.

On what he attributes it to:

It's really simple. I'm not seeing the field for some reason. I have to work on it. I drop back, and you can't get distracted. When you look at the big picture, you see nothing. When you see the big picture and see nothing, it screws up your throw.

On BYU defensive pressure:

They actually pressured less than I thought. They're a heavy zone pressure team. They brought some stuff when we went empty. They're a little more basic than we thought. They were probably getting ready for me to shred them in the passing attack and it didn't happen.

On his ankle:

I got stepped on, I'm fine.


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