UCLA DT Eddie Vanderdoes Happy With Defensive Performance Against BYU

Sept. 18 -- Star defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes spoke about the defensive performance against BYU and having the likes of Takkarist McKinley and Deon Hollins back in the fold...


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On what keyed the defensive performance against BYU:

Takk and Deon. When you have your edge rushers back, it's nice, they're disruptive and they bring fire to the field.  That's what I've been wanting to play with for a while. A guy like Takk comes out, he's a fiery guy, he comes out 100% and does well.  I think having them back helped us a lot.

On what he was most excited about- sacks or low rushing yards:

I love that. It's not 'the D-Line gave up 200 yards, the D-Line did this, the D-Line did that.' It was nice. We're finally all healthy together, playing together, executing and playing at a high level. 

On the key to stopping Taysom Hill:

Contain, contain rushing, knowing he likes to step up in the pocket to scramble to his left, so keeping it simple like that. The tackles go up, hit the guards, the ends go up and under.  We ran the same stuff, just better execution, we just ran more of those plays than we usually to.

On repetitions and attention to detail:

It was repetition, repetition, repetition, attention to detail. Making sure that we fine tuned the little stuff. That's what we did.  I thought we executed really well.  

On heading into Stanford:

It builds confidence. We know we have a tough game with Stanford, they play us really tough and we know we have a big game against them. Tomorrow, when we get back in, we'll get the BYU film squared away and get to Stanford.

On the rotation of the defensive line:

I loved it. I love somebody like Rick (Wade), he loves football. He works hard.  He works hard in the weight room so it's nice to see guys like that who make the effort, love the game and make plays. Jacob (Tuioti-Mariner), I always love the way he plays, he's an animal to me. Then you have Matt (Dickerson) coming in and when you have guys like that coming in, it gets you excited, it gets you better. 

On playing more man in the secondary:

It's always nice having a good secondary, it buys us time, getting us to the quarterback. Like I said, having our edge rushers helped us in the game a lot, as far as the quarterback having to make quicker decisions, moving quicker in the pocket. When you have guys like Jaleel and Fabian in the back, it makes it great.


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