UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley Talked About Ramping Up The Pressure Against BYU

Sept. 18 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke to reporters about the Bruins' victory against BYU, holding the Cougars to only 23 rushing yards and bringing the pressure up front...

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On the defensive performance:

We prepared well all week. They were into it, they understood what we were trying to get done with the game plan. I thought the assistant coaches, everyone had their guy primed and ready to go. I know Coach Mora came over and harped on things and there were plays we ran four times over to get it right. It took us a little longer in practice, but some of the things we put in really helped tonight.

On what he was most happy with:

One of the coaches said that was the lowest total since 2008. The guys played great, we changed some things on the perimeter.  It's hard to tell who played great inside without being upstairs or on the tape, but Eli (Ankou) and Eddie (Vanderdoes) did well.  Anytime you can make them one-dimensional. They got some yards in the end, we went soft coverage, but we got antsy.

On the penalties:

We've been talking all year, we have to get rid of the penalties. We had 40-yards of penalty on that drive. Eddie got the one with the face mask up high. I think that's one we can get rid of. I didn't see Fabian's, that was one they must have called aggressive holding, the last one, who knows, but it was 40-yards that allowed them to get that drive going.

On the defense's play:

I heard Jim getting on them on the sidelines and that's what led to the score. We played well, not a lot of big plays. They made a big throw at the end, I blame that on me, I got a little antsy and I could have been a little more patient. 

On Jayon Brown's delayed blitzing:

It was more a key to quarterback than the delayed blitz. He can hurt you when he runs the ball and he likes to take off so we did that for a reason, spying the quarterback.  I thought the guys up front did a great job off the edge.

On the secondary without Randall Goforth:

I thought they played well. 26-for-49, but we gave him smoe late throws, but I was impressed and thought we played the routes well and mixed it up back there and I thought we played well.

On how it looks ahead to Stanford:

Tonight is tonight, next week is next week. It's a totally different team next week than we were playing tonight.

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