UCLA WR Darren Andrews On Bouncing Back From Unsportsmanlike Penalty Against BYU

Sept. 18 -- Wide receiver Darren Andrews spoke about his touchdown grab in the win against BYU and bouncing back from a first-half penalty...


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On the offensive performance:

It was good, it was very good, knowing that everybody was touching the ball. We're not just isolating the ball, everyone is getting their hands on it. There are a lot of good offensive weapons for Stanford to stop.

On if it was a confidence boost:

I think it is. We didn't run the ball well but the passing game was there and it helped us out and we're trying to put a game together where we do both of them. Hopefully that's the Stanford game. They're a good opponent and we have to be ready.

On Josh Rosen saying he took a step back:

Josh has high standards of himself. What the stats look like, it doesn't matter, he's so high on having high-caliber on how he rates himself as a quarterback. The game wasn't good enough for his standards. He'll come back, that's the way he plays, he's a competitor.

On what Jim Mora told him after his unsportsmanlike penalty:

He said to go out there and play my game and he said I owed him one. It was just a coincidence that I scored and I gave the ball right to the ref and I pointed at him (Mora) because I owed him one. It was selfish of me to get that unsportsmanlike. I'm happy I could make up for it, but I have to control my emotions.

On if he's developing a connection with Rosen:

Yeah I do. I trust Josh and I feel like Josh trusts me. I feel we have a connection on third down, he knows who's in the game and seeks out where he wants to go. I think it's a good connection.

On Kenny Walker's block on his touchdown:

It was a great block, he sealed the DB off where I had a free lane into the end zone. It was a great block, I couldn't complain. I was untouched, I didn't have to make a move. I caught it and went up field. It was a great block.

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