UCLA Redshirt Sophomore Cameron Griffin On His Fullback Role

Sept. 19 -- UCLA redshirt sophomore Cameron Griffin spoke about his first career touchdown, his role in the offense and preparing for Stanford...


On his takeaway from the BYU game:

It was a good game, defensively.  The defense played big for us. They came up big for us, the offense came along and got it done.  It was a great team victory.

On his performance:

I have a lot to improve on, especially from a blocking aspect. Also route running.  I’m thankful the team believed in me and threw me a touchdown.

On his touchdown:

I was just happy to be back honestly. I was concussed for a long time, I think I was out for a month and a half. That was my first game back and it was a blessing to be back there again and doing pretty good.

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On if he was close to returning before or if there were setbacks:

I have a history of migraines. Nothing with football, but pretty much hereditary.  Was just really cautious with my return to play. I felt 100% fine. Football is a rough game and it’s part of the game, as a player, you accept it.  You get over it when it happens like every other injury.

On BYU’s defense:

They’re a great team, well-prepared for our offense and what we had in store for them.

On if that’s a good prelude for Stanford:

Yeah, they were pretty physical. Stanford, I believe that they’re a pretty good team also. It was a great introduction, especially getting back and getting used to hitting. It was a great wake up game for me.

On the fullback role:

Me and Ainuu are pretty prepared for this. We have a great coach in KP, he prepares us for this and we do a lot of hitting drills.  Blocking, keeping our head out of contact, teaching us how to play fullback.

On when he returned:

The week of UNLV.  I was good to go against UNLV, but they sat me as a precaution.

On if he feels he’s been ready to be fully involved in the offense:

There are definitely things I can improve on. Any means necessary. Honestly, I was rusty I can tell, going over my blocking, my fits, my tempos, wasn’t up to par by my standards. Not the wrong linebacker, just how fast I got there. I was just happy to be back and really jittery and was playing too jittery not calm and composed like I should be.

On the running game:

Our whole team, the offense is going to run the ball for sure, no matter how many yards we get, sometimes we’ll break, sometimes we’ll get stopped, but we won’t stop running.

On what felt better- the touchdown or hitting someone:

I’m from the defense, so after I scored the touchdown, I didn’t know what to do, I’d rather go hit somebody. That’s part of my world.

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