UCLA Defensive End Matt Dickerson Talks Performance Versus BYU

Sept. 20-- UCLA defensive end Matt Dickerson talked about the defensive performance against BYU, the rotation along the line and turning attention to Stanford...


On the defense:

We were looking for a game to prove ourselves and come out strong. The defense did our job, stayed in our gaps, and we wanted to prove to the nation and to ourselves that we’re the defense we want to be.

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On if was important to do that before Stanford:

Definitely. Just for ourselves honestly, it was UCLA vs. UCLA for us. So definitely.

On what was different from first two games:

Basically we were more in depth with what we were supposed to do. We did our job and went over what we did wrong in previous weeks and got it together.

On the return of Takk McKinley and Deon Hollins:

Definitely, we rotated probably nine guys so keeping everyone fresh is a big benefit for us.

On working inside:

That was a big week, they’re a heavy run team and the quarterback is a runner so we wanted to have our fast guys on the edge this week.

On what Takk McKinley brings:

A lot of energy.  You know how Takk is, he’s kind of crazy.  It’s good to have him back.  Glad to have him back, strong guy, fast guy and a big part of our defense.

On if McKinley is a tone-setter:

Oh, definitely.  You can tell by his attitude and the way he plays. He brings the energy we need when we’re tired and down.

On stopping Christian McCaffrey:

We have to do our job, believe in our ability, trust our coaches.  Do what we’ve always been doing, approach this week like every single week.

On what makes him a special player:

He’s a great player. A really great player. We respect him and will do everything in our power to stop him and Stanford. He’s so good at so many things. He’s a fast runner. He’s an impressive running back, receiver and a respectable player and we’ll do everything we can to stop him.

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