UCLA Center Scott Quessenberry Talks Stanford Challenges

Sept. 20 -- UCLA starting center Scott Quessenberry commented on the running game's struggles against BYU and previewed the upcoming matchup with Stanford...



On the running game against BYU:

We can always make adjustments in the run game. We didn’t perform as well as we would have liked to but we’ll get it fixed and move on. Obviously we take a lot of responsibility for it, but we didn’t perform well in one game and we’ll get better and move forward.

On if BYU did anything different:

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Nothing that we hadn’t seen or prepared for. It comes down to performance. We didn’t perform up to our standard.

On why they didn’t:

I can’t tell you one thing, it just didn’t perform up to our standard.

On similarities between BYU and Stanford:

No doubt, we’ve already been looking to Stanford and their physicality up front and it’s no different from the past, it will be a good challenge and will be fun.

On playing a style to matchup with Stanford:

I think we changed offenses to win football games and compete for championships. It wasn’t just to beat one program.  We want to go out and win games and compete with the best and this will be a good opportunity to go out on Saturday and do that.

On if they think about the long losing streak to Stanford:

We don’t think about the past, really. This team hasn’t beaten Stanford, Stanford hasn’t beaten this team.  We’ll go into Saturday with that mindset and give it our all. 

On the Stanford DL calling out USC’s cadences:

I noticed that on film.  You have to have selective hearing.  We know Josh’s voice and our snap count and we have to worry about that.  It won’t change how we play and we haven’t had procedure penalties this far in the season and we’ll keep on that.

On Josh Rosen’s self-criticism:

I’ve said it time and time again, Josh is the ultimate competitor.  He puts the highest demand on himself to be great. We could have been better for him to establish the run game, but when it came down to it, he made big throws hen we needed big throws and we won the game and that’s really all that matters.

On if Rosen puts too much pressure on himself:

He was a little tight but everyone on this team holds themselves accountable and to the highest standards.  Josh really loves this game and takes it to heart and wants to win every football game and we came out on Saturday with the win.

On starting Pac-12 play with Stanford:

I do think it’s a good way to start and could set the tone for the rest of the Pac-12. I don’t think we’ve ever played them this early. We had them week five my freshman year, but I wasn’t playing. It will be a good test and we’re excited.

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