UCLA Running Back Bolu Olorunfunmi Talks Rushing Attack

Sept. 21 -- UCLA running back Bolu Olorunfunmi commented on the meager rushing attack versus BYU, the dynamic Christian McCaffrey and matchup against Stanford...


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On if BYU was doing anything different:

We looked at the film and knew they would come with a stacked box and bring a lot of heat.  It wasn't something we didn't expect, everything we brought, we were prepared. It was a defensive game and they did a great job, and our defense did a great job. They're a good team.

On if continuity has hurt the rhythm:

I think the depth has been good, guys have dome a great job of stepping up for guys who haven't been able to play. The freshman have stepped up. We've been preparing in practice, next man up, we take it day by day, whoever is up, needs to step up and pick up for the next person.

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On if BYU was a good test for Stanford:

I think BYU was a great test and a good contender going into Stanford week. I'm happy we went through it, seeing that defense before Stanford, the same scheme. It was a good test for us and we can clean up our mistakes and be ready for Stanford and have our game plan ready.

On what they can do to clean up for Stanford:

I think it's not having mistakes, do your job. If each man does their job, the running game should be a good powerful run game throughout the Stanford game. I think if we all do our job, running backs know their blocks, the o-line does their job, everyone does their job, everything will pan out and the running game will be a lot better.

On what the problems were against BYU:

Some backs not knowing where our blocks really go. Not following the schemes and sometimes BYU brought a lot of pressures, something different we hadn't seen. It was good we went through it, but we'll be ready for Stanford.

On Christian McCaffrey:

He's very explosive and very talented, very talented. He hits the hole really hard. As a fellow running back watching him, it inspires other running backs, working on things like explosiveness, he's a really talented young man. We all work hard too.  Well go through that and we'll be like that this week.

On who he compares to:

He's kind of different. You wouldn't think a small, with his frame, the way he runs, he runs really big and explosive and is a fast guy. He's talented, he can run and  catch and throw the ball and he's hard to stop

On extra motivation for Stanford:

Each game is the same mindset. Every game is the biggest game. This is the biggest game we ever played, and next week will be the biggest game. Its the same mindset you go in with each week.

On getting bigger in the offseason for teams like Stanford:

We worked hard in the offseason to get over the him to beat teams like Stanford and I think we did a good job all offseason and if you saw our defense last week, they proved we're not soft and we can be a great contender with teams like Stanford

On Cam Griffin's return:

I was very happy, he stepped up and he did things we knew he could do. Now we have two fullbacks, Cam Griffin and Ainuu (Taua) and it will be a great show on Saturday.


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