WR Theo Howard (Photo by Steve Cheng)

Photo Gallery: UCLA vs. BYU

Sep. 20 -- Check out some beautiful shots of the BYU game from BRO photographer Steve Cheng...

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Jordan Lasley and the Bruins arrive at Lavell Edwards Stadium

Brandon Burton

Eli Ankou

Lavell Edwards Stadium

BYU students, 3 weeks into the new semester, are excited about their first home game

Theo Howard, Josh Rosen and Damian Alloway warm up before the game

Ishmael Adams

Theo Howard

Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen

Coach Mora signals the players to run out onto the field

UCLA takes the field

Adarius Pickett celebrates after breaking up a pass in the first quarter

Eddie Vanderdoes sheds a block by BYU OL Andrew Eide

Vanderdoes tackles Jamaa Williams

Kenneth Walker makes a catch for 9 yards on first down in the 1st quarter

Kenny Lacy

Austin Kent with a 48 yard punt in the 1st quarter.

Rosen checks the scoreboard after UCLA’s 2nd drive ends in a punt

Jacob Tuioti-Mariner

Jacob Tuioti-Mariner

Nathan Meadors tackles Nick Kurtz after a 6 yard gain

Brandon Stephens rushes up the middle for no gain

Rosen returns to the sideline after throwing an interception in the 1st quarter

Coach Mora glares at Rosen after his interception

Coach Mora reacts after Rosen’s interception

Jayon Brown tackles Taysom Hill for no gain

Jayon Brown tackles Taysom Hill in the 1st quarter

Josh Rosen seeks help getting up after taking a hit in the 1st quarter

Najee Toran

Nate Starks gets stopped behind the line of scrimmage

Rosen throws under pressure to Nate Starks for a 2 yard loss

Cameron Griffin

Giovanni Gentosi

Rosen looks to the sideline

Rosen looks for Mossi Johnson

BYU dance team performs at the end of the 1st quarter

Starks takes the handoff from Rosen at the BYU 12 yard line

Nate Starks looks to get around the edge

Starks is tackled by Franci Bernard at the BYU 4 yard line

Conor McDermott on 3rd down

Rosen looks for Cameron Griffin in the endzone

Rosen throws to Cameron Griffin

Cameron Griffin with his first career touchdown catch

Griffin celebrates in the endzone

Griffin and Rosen

Eddie Vanderdoes and Takk McKinley stop Jamaa Williams

Jama Williams with a 1 yard gain in the 2nd quarter

Kenny Young shows blitz

Kenny Young and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner pursue Taysom Hill

Jayon Brown and Kenny Young celebrate after Young sacks Hill on 3rd down

Starks tackled by Dayan Lake for no gain

Rosen is sacked for 8 yards by Mose Kaumatule and Harvey Langi

BYU’s Garre Juergens is tackled by Cameron Judge, Octavius Spencer and Marcus Rios after a 53 yard punt by Austin Kent

Isaako Savaiinaea

Keisean Lucier-South

Jayon Brown tackles Aleva Hifo for no gain

Adarius Pickett intercepts Taysom Hill in the 2nd quarter

Josh Rosen takes the snap from shotgun

Eldridge Massington with a 15-yard catch in the 2nd quarter

Bolu Olorunfunmi with a 2-yard run

Rick Wade tackles Jamaa Williams for a 2-yard loss

Matt Dickerson gets his knees taken out by BYU OL Tuni Kanuch

Tahaan Goodman tackles Laulu-Pututau

Takk McKinley sacks Taysom Hill for a 6 yard loss

McKinley swings an imaginary baseball bat after sacking Hill

Eli Ankou celebrates after tackling Taysom Hill after a 1-yard gain

Taysom Hill

UCLA spirit squad ready for the 2nd half

Kenny Walker with a 16-yard catch in the 3rd quarter

Brandon Stephens looks for a hole

Jordan Lasley with an 8-yard catch for a 1st down

Kenny Lacy 

Jalen Starks dives forward for 1 yard

Conor McDermott

Darren Andrews sprints down the BYU sideline for a 33-yard touchdown

Darren Andrews points to Coach Mora after his touchdown catch

Kenny Young tackles Jamaa Williams

Taysom Hill celebrates after Jamaa Williams’ 1-yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter

Nate Iese with a 29-yard catch in the 3rd quarter

Rosen throws to Ishmael Adams under pressure

Ishmael Adams takes Rosen’s pass for a 27-yard gain

Scott Quessenberry

Najee Toran

Rosen throws under pressure to Nate Starks at the start of the 4th quarter

Starks with a 3-yard gain

Molson missed a 38-yard field goal attempt in the 4th quarter

BYU fans are fired up after Molson’s failed field goal attempt

Eddie Vanderdoes pressures Taysom Hill

Ishmael Adams runs back a punt for 1 yard

Takk McKinley

Matt Dickerson bull rushes BYU OL Andrew Eide

BYU WR Moroni Laulu-Pututau makes an incredible catch between his knees

Kenny Young at the line of scrimmage

Takk McKinley hits Taysom Hill as he releases the ball

McKinley pressures Taysom Hill out of the pocket

Jayon Brown sacks Taysom Hill and forces a fumble

Tahaan Goodman

Kenny Young

Coach Mora

Nate Starks

Kolton Miller

Kolton Miller

Nate Iese with a 5-yard gain in the 4th quarter

Brandon Burton with a big special teams hit on Garre Juergens after a 50-yard punt by Austin Kent

Coach Mora and BYU head coach Kalani Sitake while Takk McKinley is attended to by trainers

Nate Meadors tackles Jona Trinnaman after a 4-yard catch

Eli Ankou

Adarius Pickett tries to recover the onside kick

Mora and Rosen after UCLA’s 17-14 victory (with Taysom Hill)

Josh Rosen

Conor McDermott

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