UCLA Assistant Coach Angus McClure on Defensive Line Rotation

Sept. 22 -- UCLA defensive line coach Angus McClure spoke Tuesday about the challenge Stanford's offensive linemen present, the rotation at his position group and more...

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Opening statement:

We had a good practice today.  It was a physical practice. We really worked on our fundamentals and our base defense. We got a lot of good work in.

On what Stanford does:

They do a n excellent job of using personnel groups, multiple formations and of course, running power. The key to success against them is stopping the run. They're an excellent program, their offense is fine tuned, they have some new faces up front but it's the same old, same old.

On how much Christian McCaffrey's success comes from the offensive line:

Those guys do a good job up front, when you watch him run, he does an excellent job of reading his blocks, keeping his eyes upfield. keeping his vision and adjusting to blocking and he has a lot of confidence in that offensive line.

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On the similarities between BYU and Stanford:

They're similar in blocking schemes. Not in personnel groups, so again, we'll see similar blocking schemes, but it's different positions doing those schemes. (The physicality) is very similar, BYU has always had a physical offensive line, we faced one on Saturday, Stanford the same thing. So we'll see a physical offensive line and personnel across from us.

On if that helps against Stanford:

No question, yes. We had an excellent game, a lot of synergy, we did an excellent job upfront.  Their could be a lot of carryover, no question.

On the DL rotation:

Anytime the defensive line has depth, its a big advantage. With those guys back, it allowed us to rotate nine guys in. That's really good. Our repetitions went from a high of 60 to a low of 12 and everyone else was in the middle. When you're able to use that many bodies, guys are fresh and can execute what you want to do.

On Boss Tagaloa:

He practiced today, so we'll see how it goes throughout the week.

On Takk McKinley:

We expect him on Saturday. He wasn't able to do anything today, he was on the side.

On the confidence:

I think it reaffirmed who we are as a defense. If everyone does their job and everyone does their assignments, and we play fundamental defense, we can be excellent. I think it reassured guys what we've been preaching, what Coach Mora has been preaching, is team defense, and that when we work together as a team, we can accomplish our goals. But if guys try to do too much, that's where you get in trouble. It sounds funny, but it's not an error to try and do too much, you love guys that want to make plays, but you have to be disciplined and that's the controlled insanity of defense, you don't just light your hair on fire and run after the ball. 

On Matt Dickerson:

Matt is a very adaptable player and can play anywhere on the line of scrimmage. He's like Jacob (Tuioti-Mariner) in that way. He has experience at defensive end. He has experience playing inside. We'll definitely use his strengths and move him around a little bit.

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