UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley On Facing Christian McCaffrey

Sept. 21 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley broke down what the Bruins have to do to contain Christian McCaffrey, confidence on his side of the ball after BYU and more...

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On the challenge of going against Christian McCaffrey:

It's interesting, he's a great back, I've gotten to coach against some good ones. We coached Curt Warner and then we played against Tony Dorsett, Herschel Walker, Marcus Allen and it goes on and on, the great backs we've gone against. The thing about him is he's so versatile and does so many things well.  When you play against a guy like Ron Dayne, Ron Dayne was a different kind of back. I don't think anyone does it the way he does it, catch it, block, run, Wildcat it, punt returns, kick returns, he's such an explosive runner. Knowing his family, I got to watch his dad play basketball in high school, tried to recruit him out of high school. His dad was a heckuva athlete.  Hometown in Pennsylvania, I'm sure he's proud of his son.

On recruiting his dad to Penn State:

At Penn State, we tried to get him as a receiver at Penn State.  His dad was a heckuva athlete in high school, a great athlete.

On confidence playing a role in preparation:

Saturday was Saturday, it's over and on to the next game. Just enjoy it and move on from that one.

On if there is more motivation for Stanford:

We just like to play, we like to lay football. That's one of the things we enjoy, coming out and being competitive, so it doesn't matter who we're playing or where we're playing, we like to get after it.

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On if Stanford is the first real test:

They're a fine and great football team, we just have to be ready for them. It's a good challenge for us.

On the challenge of the Pac-12's offenses:

Every week there is one. Our schedule is interesting the way it's set up. It's great football, a lot of great coaches, great schemes, exciting venues to play in, it's a great atmosphere for college football.

On if they'll use a spy on McCaffrey like they did on Taysom Hill:

Different offenses because of the multiple things they do and what they come at you with, it's a different package.

On Stanford's offense:

I don't know what they're thinking, if they just want to run the ball and throw in certain situations. I'm sure their quarterback, who's been in their system for a while, will throw the ball. They have two really good wideouts and their tight ends are explosive.  

On if Stanford is unique offensively:

They do some different things at the line of scrimmage with all their packages. Whether they're more unique them somebody else, it's hard to say.

On the defensive backs allowing the pass rush to get to Hill:

I thought they covered really well. One of the things our pass rush did was contain the quarterback and be very disciplined. It's hard to tell the guys 'be disciplined, but get to the quarterback', but they did it. They stayed in front of him. One time he got out for an 11-yard gain but our secondary did a good job and at the end of the game, we let them run out the clock. We only had three missed tackles in the whole game. When you're tackling well, and there are no explosive plays, there was one early, but we got that cleaned up.

On less missed tackles:

We're trying to get better. It's something that if we're going to be good on defense, we have to be proud of our tackling.

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