Rosen Talks About His Reads, Beating Stanford

Sep. 21 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen talked about improving on making his reads and the impact of beating Stanford...

Quarterback Josh Rosen talked Wednesday to the media. 

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On how he felt after reviewing the BYU film:

Kind of the same. I still saw a lot of mistakes I need to fix. It's pretty simple.  You're getting through first and second reads, most every concept has three or four options. I'm not an incredibly athletic quarterback, so that's got to be in my wheelhouse, going through progressions.

On what he attributes it to:

My feet were a little jittery. The pocket was moving away from me, and I was not really settled. When your lower half is antsy, it makes your upper half mechanical when it shouldn't. That was on a few plays. 

On why that happened:

I don't know, being a quarterback is intimidating and it takes a lot of training to sit in there to basically, guys who's job is to hurt you. So every drive, you have to make yourself look downfield and focus what's necessary.

On if he's forcing things:

Not presnap or postsnap. One of the big things and differences is the amount of scout productions we have.  The running back is part of it.  We have a lot of underneath stuff and since we're pushing the ball downfield deeper but less often, my running back is almost like an outlet, but you have to know in protection if he's there or not so I have to know when to check down, but also to know where he's at and if he's in protection because if he's in protection, something will be opened downfield, you have the opportunity to rip something.

On if there is extra weight to playing Stanford because of the losing streak:

If you're not playing with all the motivation you have, something is wrong.  This game means a lot, but every game means a lot. If you can't gather yourself to get motivated to play a physical game or sport like this, you have issues week in and week out.

On if he has personal motivation with Stanford:

Not really. You want to beat every team you play. Every time you lose, you have 120 guys and a fan base who have bragging rights, so that's why I like to win. I like winning, it feels good.

On Darren Andrews:

He's a big catch and run guy and a very emotional player. When he catches the ball, he has a big passion to not get tackled. He plays 150% and when he gets short little passes, he can take it to the house. We haven't even used him that much as a deep threat, though he had that one catch against A&M down the seam. He's a phenomenal player.

On going more shotgun:

It doesn't really matter that much. It's not that different.  


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