Frosh DE Rick Wade Getting Up to Game Speed

Sep. 22 -- Redshirt freshman defensive end Rick Wade talks about having a big impact last week against BYU, how he had to get up to the speed of the game, Stanford and more...

Rick Wade answered questions from the media this week.

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On how far he's come from redshirting:

It was a long road, been tough, working hard and trying to get my weight up and my speed. It's come full circle and I feel I've been a very improved player and I bring my mindset to every game and play which helps my skills.

On gaining weight:

I put on weight, Coach Alosi does a great job making sure we eat the right food and lift hard.

On if it's slowing down for him:

Yeah, definitely. When I was in the first game, a couple plays, my eyes were wide open trying to move but after while it started to slow down and felt like practice, i was making the reads and getting my footwork and my hands where they needed to be.

On his sack against BYU:

That felt good too bit I'm more excited about winning. If I can do my part, that's good, but I was happy with the win and want to keep it going.  I was lined up on the tight end and he tried to seal me off, and I felt him sealing me off, so I saw him outside, chased him down and made the tackle.

On what he's learned from Angus McClure:

Coach is awesome. Everything you see us do on the field is instinctive.  When we do it, we make sure its detailed.  You focus on your instincts and it feels good.

On loading the box:

It was great to have Takk and Eddie and Deon back healthy. When we can rotate like that, we're always fresh and looking for each other to make plays.

On Stanford's jumbo package:

They're physical and they're going to use a lot of lineman and have a lot of gaps so we need to make sure we fill those gaps so gap discipline, staying in your gaps.

On if they're better suited for Stanford's offense:

I do believe so. We have more people so we fill up the box more and have more people so we can fill up the box more.

On if they're making strides defensively:

I guess so. It's how we practice that week.  Coach McClure was making sure we do everything perfect and we had to execute.

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