RB Nate Starks on Returning, RB Rotation

Sep. 23 -- UCLA running back Nate Starks talks about missing the first two games of the season and how the full running back rotation makes such an impact...

Nate Starks talked after practice during Stanford week. 

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On sitting out the first two games:

It’s always hard sitting out, watching my teammates go out there every week, facing a team we prepared for.  I’m glad my body is getting healthy and I’m able to go out there and be with my team.

On running against BYU:

They run a very confusing front, they’re a very good defense and physical. We didn’t get the push we wanted to. We’re preparing for Stanford and I believe we’ll be able to run the ball against them.

On why he believes that:

It’s the way to prepare throughout every week. I feel like we’ve had a great week of practice and that will go into the game.

On getting the running back rotation intact:

It’s definitely key. We all complement each other well. The big three, me Soso and Bolu can all make big plays in any game and I’m just glad I’m in the rotation to get it going.

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On why he was out:

It was just in-house stuff and getting my body healthy. I’m just glad I can be back now.

On having five tailbacks available:

We have so many different styles of running and even our younger guys are catching on.  We’re real close as a running back group, play for each other and our offensive line.

On the value in 9-on-7 in the offseason:

That’s how we open practice, 9-on-7 and that’s what it will be like all game against Stanford, they’re very physical.

On the awareness of the losing streak to Stanford:

Every time this week comes up, everybody is on edge, coaches on edge, players on edge. You have to treat it like every other week, one by one, one week at a time. We’re preparing for Stanford, watching a lot of film, practicing every day hard.

On what they mean on edge:

I haven’t beat them since I’ve been here, I know Coach Mora hasn’t and we want to show we can play with guys like that. We want to show we can play with and beat these guys.

On Trevor Moewad’s impact on the team:

Yeah, that’s what it’s all going to come down to. He’s brought us together as a team and family and we’ve done a lot of team oriented things.  We’re a family out there and we play for each other and look at them and we’ll not let each other down out there.


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