Darren Andrews on Bouncing Back with a TD After a Penalty

Sep. 23 -- UCLA receiver Darren Andrews talked about bouncing back from the unsportsmanlike penalty to score a touchdown and talking with Jim Mora about it...

Darren Andrews talked to us during Stanford week. 

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On the edge with team preparing for Stanford:

There is a lot of intensity this week being brought to practice, so we’re all making sure to hold themselves accountable and hold everyone accountable. I feel a lot of intensity, and executing a lot in two days of practice.

On what Mora told him after his unsportsmanlike penalty:

He was upset and told me it was a selfish move, which it was so he took me out and brought me back in to let me cool off. It won’t happen again.

On what he said to Mora after his touchdown:

He told me coming out of halftime that I owed him one, so sure enough, I scored and that was the one I owed him so after that, I went and hugged him and apologized for what I did.  I went to him.


On the scout team emulating Christian McCaffrey:

I’m not on that side so I can’t really see, but from what I hear, they’re doing well. We have players with different attributes doing what Christian McCaffrey can. From what I hear, they’re doing well.

On who’s mimicking McCaffrey:

Damian Alloway, Stevie Johnson, Theo Howard, all giving a look that he provides.

On McCaffrey:

He’s a good player but its not about him, its about us. At the end of the day, it’s not about him, its about our team.

On watching what McCaffrey does:

No, because he has nothing to do with me, I look at the defense.

On the receiver’s game against BYU:

Preparation in practice throughout the week, a lot of receivers are getting their mojo back and a lot of the receivers are getting that back.

On being called a nerd by Eric Yarber:

I want to hear that every week. I don’t like dropping the ball, I refuse to let the ball drop and anything I can to keep that from happen.

On open receivers:

We left a lot out there on the field and left a lot of plays on the field. Hopefully we can get those plays back.

On the chemistry with Rosen:

I think its developed good. Its not where we want it to be but its getting better with time.

On school starting:

Schedule is fuller but that’s what I signed up for. So I’m ready for it.

On explosive plays:

It’s important, we have to take advantage of what they give us.

On Stanford’s weaknesses:

I’ll let that play out on Saturday.

On what he thinks about Stanford’s defense:

They’re a good defense. They have weaknesses and we’ll attack their weaknesses.

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