Jim Mora After Stanford Game

Sep. 24 -- UCLA coach Jim Mora talked after the Stanford game...

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Opening statement:

Obviously that's about as difficult as it gets. There is not a lot to say. We have to rebound, we have to come back strong. And we will.  

On if the loss stings more because it was Stanford:

Every loss stings. Every loss is a loss, and it doesn’t matter who you lose to. It stings. It stings when you lose like that. You played so courageously on defense and did such a great job against a really good team, and then it comes down and they make the play. Losing is awful.

On Stanford's final drive:

They made some plays. They made some plays that they hadn’t been making. We didn’t change coverages, didn't change our approach, didn't change our philosophy. That’s a good football team. They have a reputation for being able to do that and they did it.

On being physical against Stanford:

We played physically. I think that we are a physical football team, and we played hard and tough .I’m proud of how we played. When you don’t run the ball, we’ve got to get that fixed. But our physicality, we sure didn’t get pushed around. That’s for sure. 

On what kept them from putting the game away:

Stanford kept us from it. We didn't cross the white line. I don't have a good answer. We’ve got to look at the film to figure it out. We struggled to get yards on them all night obviously. But they are a good team. We are a good team. They got us at the end. 

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On run game troubles:

That’s a great question. I need to get that answer quickly. I can't give you that answer right now. It’s something that we need to come up with an answer for immediately. I don’t care who we are playing. I don’t care if we are playing the ’85 Bears, we need to run the football.

On injuries:

Not good, if you noticed at the end, we were missing Eli (Ankou). We had some guys get banged up, Soso (Jamabo). It was a physical game, and hopefully those guys will be able to go when we play a tough Arizona team.  

On UCLA's last play call:

That was essentially a Hail Mary and you have a guy wrap around, and Josh (Rosen) didn’t get it off before the guy got to him. That’s what you have to do in that situation, is to try and take a shot. If we had hit that one the play before, we might have had a shot. But hey, that’s the game.

On Christian McCaffrey:

I don’t know what his stats are. I thought that we did a good job, but he is a heck of a player. He just finds yards that other people don’t find. He’s so patient, explosive and strong. For his size, he's physical. He’s a great player. I said it last week, and I think that – and no disrespect to any other player – but I think that he’s the best player in college football.

On UCLA's tight ends involvement:

Every pass play is designed with a progression in mind. And particularly with defenses, they’ll indicate where the ball should go. So when we drew those plays up, they gave the tight ends some space. It wasn’t anything that was done by design. It just happened that way.


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