UCLA Coordinator Kennedy Polamalu Talks Offense After Stanford Loss

Sept. 24 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu spoke following the loss to Stanford about the running game, play calls and more...

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Opening statement:

Disappointing. I thought the kids gave excellent effort. The situation and score is not going to indicate that. That last play was the jump play, or Hail Mary, the young made a play. Other than that, that was our only turnover.  We stayed away from penalties, we had the false start coming out but we moved it back an inch.  We did a nice job of flipping the field and getting two first downs. Running game wise, we're disappointed. We have three backs and we're trying to find one.  And to find that one, the carries ended up being balanced. There is no excuse, I have to do a better job of coaching those backs. I have to help them more by calling the plays, my eyes are on the whole scheme instead of seeing their rhythm and tempo, see what they're seeing.  In the past, I've had the opportunity to sit a running back down, they're doing this, now, instead of front side press, they'll collapse on the back side. Those are all on me.

On the offensive line:

We put the split up. When you play a 3-4 team, their technique is to go to the V of the lineman and knock them back. They let their edge and inside backers run free. Their leading tackler is the guy who hits the C gap.  I thought we bodied them up pretty good. They were running hard. But in high schools, the holes are there and when you get to the top ten teams, they fit well and are disciplined, you have to make them misfit.  That is on me.


On Josh Rosen's game:

I thought he threaded the ball nicely tonight. He had really good pocket presence, very accurate in his throws. Except for one personnel, their safeties were deep and I like to go deep, but he was real deep. Josh threw some really good balls, the curls and the digs to the tight ends and he had a nice go-route to Nate Iese. I thought he operated really well and really upped his game. I don't know what his efficiency was, but it had to be up there.

On the drops at receiver:

Everyone is trying to make a play. He was lucky he had veteran receivers a year ago. These guys are trying, and they're coming open. Now, we saw some of the concepts come to life, it didn't matter who was running them, they were coming open. It's good to see for them, they'll have confidence that Josh will throw them open.

On how they matched up physically with Stanford:

I thought we matched up well.  They are not the same, they used to have those outside linebackers that were 6-5, 290, and they brought some issues to our tackles, but I thought we matched up well. No. 90 (Solomon Thomas) had a sack on a play he matched up well, but he's been a hell of a playmaker for them and he made a nice play chasing our back in the first quarter. He did the same thing, he beat us on the pass and beat us on the run, now lets try this and set an edge, and he never got back in there.

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