UCLA's Tom Bradley Talks Defense After Stanford Loss

Sept. 25 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke Saturday following the Bruins' loss to Stanford, commenting on the final drive and containing Christian McCaffrey...

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On physically matching up with Stanford:

I thought we did a good job physically. We matched up with a physical football team. And went into the game and that was one of our objectives, to match up and did well with them.

On what went wrong on the final drive:

That’s a great question, whether you should pressure them or not. They made plays, we didn’t make plays. Once again, I don’t look at them, I look at myself. There were a couple things I would have done differently schematically.  I didn’t want to give up the big ones. Once again, I don’t look at them. I look at us first.

On losing Eli Ankou:

That didn’t help but I thought Boss did ok when he was in there. It threw us off a bit on our substitutions.  Boss is a freshman. He’s going to be a heck of a player someday.

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On defending Christian McCaffrey:

I didn’t see the whole stats, I’m sure he had his 100 yards. He’s a heck of a football player, you have to give him credit. He’s a good football player and does a lot of things well. I thought we tackled pretty well, he didn’t break any long ones and that’s why the score was where it was. You’re comfortable trading field goals. We thought holding them to field goals would help us.

On the linebacker play:

The linebackers did a really great job making sure their angles were precise. They did a lot of motion and wildcat. They have a lot of formations and personnel groups. We had to waste one timeout. There is a lot of different things going on with our linebackers. How little things force into different reads.

On if things changed schematically on the last drive:

No, we did what we did. We made plays that we didn’t at that point. The penalty didn’t help us. They would have been on the 15 and not the 30. No timeouts, every yard counts.

On what he would have done differently on final drive:

I would have added pressure more. You hate to give up the big one.  We hadn’t seen a lot of two-minute offense. We anticipated some of the things we had. He made some big time throws when he had to.

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