UCLA Linebacker Kenny Young Talks Defensive Performance Against Stanford

Sept. 25 -- UCLA middle linebacker Kenny Young spoke about his interception, the final defensive series, containing Christian McCaffrey and more following the loss to Stanford...


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On the last drive:

They finished and we didn’t finish the game well. We didn’t execute or finish the plays we were supposed to make. They took advantage of that on that drive and they got the job done.

On his interception:

It felt pretty good. It was a big turnover for the offense to get us momentum and get us rolling on our end. The interception wasn’t enough.

On how he felt the defense played:

How I feel about it right now, I think we played pretty solid. No. 5 (McCaffrey) didn’t score so that was awesome. We had a good game plan. The film always shows things differently but it’s going well and the defense played solid. In a game like that, finding the way to get it done. That’s the bottom line. To beat these teams, you have to find a way to get it done. They came up with the big play.


On matching up with Stanford:

That’s been our biggest emphasis and I think we answered that test, that we’re a physical team.  I think we showed we’re a physical team. It’s an upsetting loss.  We’ll try to gather our emotions and think about the things we could do better. I always evaluate myself first, and I don’t try to point the finger. We have to win the rest of these games.  I’m tired of losing.

On if they want another crack at them:

Why not, sure.  They have some great coaches, there are some players I played with and against in high school and the All-American game. Me and McCaffrey had a talk after the game because it’s been so long (since they played in Army Bowl). Its like two different worlds. It felt good to compete. I’d love to play Stanford again on September 2nd. That’s my goal and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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