DL Jacob Tuioti-Mariner on His Versatility

Sep. 26 -- UCLA defensive lineman Jacob Tuioti-Mariner talked about the improvement on the DL, Stanford, and his position versatility...

Jacob knockout-Marriner  talked pregnant US Monday of Arizona week. 

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On the defensive success:

It all goes to the coaches and the game planning. We collectively from the past years is what we did best against Stanford, mixed it all together and combined it.  I have to give it to the coaches, the game plan.

On getting over a heartbreaking loss:

You have to grow on it and at the same time, move on. You just look at what we have to fix on film and we have to stick together as a team, what we have to do most and have everybody's back.

On pulling themselves together after the game:

It was a tough loss, one we really wanted. We had it in the bag. Every loss just hurts, but this one sticks out the most.

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On if it was a moral victory:

There are a lot of positives to take, but overall the goal is to win. There is always things to focus on. Its what we want to do most, win. It's a team sport, we have to focus on getting the win, no matter how bad or good you do. Focus on that overall victory.

On if the defense did anything different on the last drive:

There was nothing different, they just ended up making some plays that we wanted to stop and prevent them from doing. Nothing different from how we played the rest of the game. They have great players on that team. They made plays those very moments.

On his half-spin move on the sack:

DeMarcus Ware on the Broncos, he did it. I watched some highlights of NFL players. The play that was called, they gave me the opportunity to do whatever I want. I was just gonna try it.  If I got in trouble, I was just going to try it.  It was pretty cool. 

On if Angus McClure was ok with the move:

Hopefully, I got the sack.

On if the play is on a GIF:

I don't know, I don't have social media, I only have Facebook.

On Brandon Dawkins:

We have to continue to play and execute what coach has put out there. We have to eliminate the best athlete on the field. Try to do our best.

On if the defense is growing in confidence:

For sure, there is a growing confidence in the defense. We've set a tone for ourselves, not only throughout the season, but through spring ball and fall camp and we're finally able to see we are one and believing that our work ethics as a defense, sticking together, that we can be the best defense out there.

On if Tom Bradley has changed some scheme:

Coach Bradley has definitely taken a step and being comfortable with us and doing some plays.  Blitzing.

On if being at full strength helps:

Having the guys back that have been off has been great. It's always good to have Takk, Eddie, Deon and Fabian back because they are impact players. It brings more confidence in the defense.  Having those specific guys on the field brings the intensity in what I believe, Eddie, Takk and Deon, they bring the leadership on the D-Line and bring the intensity we need.

On if he has a preferred position:

I do not have a preference. Wherever the coaches tell me to go, I try my best to do my best at whatever position they need. They joke, I back up Josh Rosen too. I don't mind playing any position along the defensive line.

On how tough the transition is:

It's not really tough if you study the plays. It won't be tough if you listen to coach. I listen to Coach Angus when he talks to everybody. When he talks to Eddie, I listen with Eddie, when he talks to Takk, I listen with Takk, when he talks to Matt, I listen with Matt. Angus coaches them on every point for every position.  It helps me better my position.

On if he focuses on one position in practice:

No. Texas A&M I started practicing at tackle, then the game, I moved outside because of Takk. Then I moved outside the next week, but then I had to move inside because Eddie got hurt. So that's my MO, to study the positions during the week.

On if Stanford's line flip changed things for them:

No, it didn't change anything. They can move around anybody on the line. It's our gameplan. Whoever lines up in front of us, it doesn't really matter. You have to beat the guy in front of you.


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