Center Scott Quessenberry on OL Performance

Sep. 27 -- UCLA center Scott Quessenberry talked about getting over the Stanford loss, the performance of the offensive line in that game and things to fix...

Scott Quessenberry talked to the media during Stanford week.

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On picking themselves up after the loss to Stanford:

That one obviously hurts.  It’s a team we wanted to get out there and get after, and we did. The defense played great. We had some good things on offense and not some good things. We’re grateful to live another day and ready for another Pac-12 opponent on Saturday.

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On if he had to take a role of encouraging players after the game:

I think everyone took a role in their position group. Guys stepped up. Jayon talked to his guys, Connor and I talked to our guys. In that moment, you kind of let it resonate and then let it go for a day, then Monday, here, we get ready for Arizona.

On how the line played against Arizona:

I think we played well, watching the film. I think there are some things we need to work on as an entire offense. But that’s us up front, Josh, the running backs and receivers. We all have things to work on.

On what’s contributing to the running game struggles:

I’m not quite sure. Miscommunications between the O-Line and running backs. I’m not 100% sure. Just in terms of where plays are going. I focus on what I’m doing and what the guys around me are doing.

On if there needs to be chemistry between the running backs and offensive line:

No, it doesn’t really matter much who’s carrying the ball. We block them up and they run the ball.

On how the Stanford game was a tone-setter for the Pac-12:

We went out there and competed the best we ever have against them. It’s close and we took it into the fourth quarter. I haven’t been in a game with them that close. Right down until the last second, we had the game won. Obviously, it was a heartbreaking loss. We aren’t dwelling on it and we’re getting ready to continue Pac-12 play.

On if they’re through the toughest part of the schedule:

Yeah, you can say that. The Pac-12 is a Power 5 conference, in my eyes, one of the best in college football. Ebvery week you have a new test and new team and this week is Arizona and you can’t take them lightly because they’re a great competitive team.

On late kickoffs:

Playing late doesn’t really bother me except in terms of getting sleep that night. It just sucks for the conference because we play late at night and we don’t get the attention some of the other conferences do. That’s really all it is. In terms of playing late, it doesn’t change anything.

On if late kickoffs change the routine up pregame:

There are parts that are tough. Coach Alosi and Coach Mora get us right, we do walk-throughs at the hotel. We’re not laying around doing nothing. We’re watching ball. It’s nice to get a nap in sometimes. Playing early is fun, but I like playing under the lights.

On where they do walk-throughs:

Hotel ball room, or outside. If there is a big lawn, we might do it there. But wherever we can find space.

On if he watches games before theirs on Saturdays:

I’m always watching football. I absolutely love the game. Whenever I can pick up new things and find out situations, it helps me for our games. I’m always watching football and it’s nice to see games and see how our competitors are doing.

On if he ever gets to be a fan or if he watches to learn and study:

Depends on the team playing. My brother played at the Naval Academy so I watched there, but it wasn’t really studying because they ran a different offense from what we ran. Its more to watch how he was playing. But if I have a friend on a team, I’m watching. I like to watch how other offensive lines are playing, and how defenses are mixing it up and what’s going on around college football.

On his brother, David, an NFL lineman who’s battling cancer:

He’s well. Obviously he’s not able to play this year, but hopefully next year, he’ll be in remission and ready to rumble.

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