Kenny Walker

UCLA WR Kenny Walker on Deep Ball Connections

Sep. 26 -- UCLA wide receiver Kenny Walker talked about sharpening up the connection on the deep ball with quarterback Josh Rosen, and hair fashion...

Kenny Walker answered questions from the media during Arizona week.

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On how tough a loss it was:

Since I’ve been here, we haven’t beaten them. It was a tough loss. A lot of players took it hard, including me. It’s a great learning experience and moving forward, there is a lot we can learn about it.

On how they pick themselves up:

We have a 24-hour rule. So 24-hours after the game, we think about it, go over it. Anything after 24 hours, we forget about it and move on to the next. If we have a chance to play them again, we know what we have to do.

On if they’ve talked about playing Stanford again:

We plan on doing it, but we have to take it day by day. We have to play the opponents we have coming up.

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On tightening the receiver rotation:

To me, it doesn’t really matter. I have trust in all of our receivers, but if that’s what he thinks is better for our team, so be it.

On if the rotation gets tough to get into a rhythm:

I don’t think about it as that. When I have my opportunity, I take it and encourage others when they go in.

On the message after drops:

The message is stay in the moment, play the next play and forget about what happened and make a big play, another big play is coming ahead of you, stay focused and your head in the game.

On when he doesn’t catch a deep ball:

If I don’t catch a deep ball, it’s ok, I’ll try to catch a hitch route or a slant. Whatever I catch, I try to get plus yardage.

On if there is a timing issue with the quarterback:

It plays a little with both sides. Maybe it’s overthrown, maybe it’s the other way around.

On getting pushed out in the end zone:

It was kind of a late pass, but I made the effort to catch it and keep my feet in.  The rule is you can push me out, and that had me confused. As long as I made the effort.  Maybe not widen out as much, when I came off the ball, he pushed it outside and I had to get back outside. If I had stayed straight, it may have made a difference.

On his hairstyle:

I’m getting the beads back tomorrow, I’m just letting my hair breathe.  I’ll do something every week.

On what color his beads will be:

I can’t tell you, it will be a surprise. It’s different. I just look at the beads and if I feel comfortable with them, I’ll go with it. I have a big pile of them. It’s great. I look at the colors and whatever one I feel, I’ll go with them.  I have a headband underneath, so when I get them in, it’s a slight cushion.

On if he’d stick with a color if he did well in them:

No, you have to keep changing them.  I thought about the gold, because I had those for the Texas A&M game, but every week I change them.

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