UCLA Quarterbacks Coach Marques Tuiasosopo Talks Josh Rosen's Start to the Season

Sept. 28 -- UCLA quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo spoke to reporters about star sophomore Josh Rosen's start to the 2016 season...

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On Josh Rosen's numbers so far:

I think first of all, when you're talking about quarterbacks, the first stat and most important stat is winning. Whether you play well, are you helping your team win? Those are the first things we talk about. You can sometimes play a not very good game, but your team around you is playing well and you can take your team on a drive on the last drive of the game and win. That's the first goal of the quarterback. And then there are other things. Are we throwing the ball where we're supposed to? Are we keeping it? Are we throwing interceptions? Those are things that are important to us. Are we winning games?  After that, are we taking care of the football and making good decisions. And he is on course. We are not going to panic. We will just keep working hard. He's improving week to week and at some point, that thing is going to take off and we'll be playing at a very high level. But I'm not going to change. We're doing all the right things. Last game, you have to tip your hat to Stanford. They made the last play. It goes the other way, we're sitting here 3-1. We understand that. That's what matters, winning the game. We're focused on that. We had a great day today, we're ready to go out on Saturday and win.

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On the improvement he saw against Stanford:

The efficiency, going through reads, pocket presence. He missed a couple things early and he came back and made the adjustments and that didn't happen the first couple weeks. That's part of his process to become the quarterback he can be. It's like watering bamboo. You water it the first couple of months, it doesn't grow. And you wonder what the heck's going on, and then all the sudden, it sprouts out. We're not going to change. We're doing all the right things. KP is doing all the right things in our offense. Trust me, we know what that means. We understand winning is the most important thing and it will happen.

On tightening the receiver rotation:

I think it's helping everyone become the best that they can be and creating a sense of competition and the guy who wants to take the ball will be the guy who gets the most reps. I challenge Josh, to not be the same as other positions, but he understands he needs to play a certain way too. He understands. I think its a way to make sure everyone is focused on the right thing and that's to be the best player.  You'll see those relationships bud between quarterback and receiver and the plays just missing will be made.

On how drops affect a quarterback's psyche:

Well if you're not strong mentally, it can affect you. Like I've said, Josh has stayed the course and those guys came back and made some bigtime plays. We missed a throw in the corner of the end zone. It's a touchdown. So it goes both ways. We're going to stay the course and I believe we're coaching the right things. It's a matter of sticking to it and we're right there. We're not going to stop and it will change. 

On when it became important to tighten the rotation:

Every game is different, you'll spread the ball around because that's what the defense is giving you. And then there will be days that it's different. Pinpoint a few guys, based on scheme. Try to attack what they don't do well. We understand that and we know it, we're just trying to help everyone get to that next level.

On working with Josh Rosen:

If you're a high level competitor, which Josh is, you'll always be your harshest critic. Your standard will always be higher than what others place on you. As a coach, that excites me. Thats how I was as a player. That's how I wanted it and how I wanted to be coached. We're on the same page and we're going to push the bar high and demand a lot on a daily basis. That's what it should be and that's what we'll work to. We'll get into the film room and study. And we'll improve those so when we're playing a game, he can see those changes. I love him because he takes it the hardest. He comes back every day. As a coach, that's all you can ask for.


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