Jim Mora Happy With UCLA's Rebound

Sept. 28 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke about the team's rebound from the loss to Stanford last week, the newcomers to the starting lineup on defense, running back rotation and more...

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Opening statement:

I come over here every Wednesday and say the same thing, but it was a good day today.  The concern obviously when you come out of a game like that is can you get refocused, and can you get your energy back and your enthusiasm for the game back and get over the disappointment of the loss and our guys have really done that. The way we've set up our schedule really helps, the leaders on this team really helps. The mindset we're creating helps. I saw a team that refocused on got on to our next opponent immediately. That started Monday after we put it to bed on Sunday night. I think they're looking forward to the opportunity to go out on the Rose Bowl and play good football. We've been playing good football. Now what we need to do is have results.  And win. I like this football team.  I like where we're headed. Saturday night is very important for us and they understand that and I know they're excited about it.

On tightening up the running back and receiver rotations:

You'll still see everybody.  What's important as coaches is you do a great job during the week of putting guys in situations they'll be in.  You might not get a rep in practice that you'll do in games. You have to make sure your planning is perfect. We roll a lot of guys through. We make them work and get them involved.  The more involved, the better buy in you get. Everyone will play, some more than others, some in specific situations. We have to do a good job as coaches that the plan is solid, not the game plan, but the playing plan.


On if he'd told the players about who will see more time:

Any time there is an adjustment, you have to communicate it. It's important they understand why it's being done. They may not like it but if you tell them why, they may embrace it more quickly.

On Adarius Pickett and Josh Woods:

They've earned it. They're both really good young players and we want to get them time.  We have a good secondary and a lot of guys back there that can play. It's a great thing to have but sometimes it creates a logjam.  Adarius has done a heckuva job, he makes plays for us, he's dependable, he's great in run stopping and we want to get him on the field. Josh Woods is a big and physical and smart man and he looks like he's figured it out. I've seen over the last two weeks, a guy who thinks he's right to knowing he's right and he reacts faster and I'm excited about those guys. 

On the mental bounceback:

Trevor (Moewad) hasn't been around this week, but I think its the residual affect from Trevor. The mindset we've carried into the season. It's got to be something that builds through the year. It has to be ingrained in you. The mindset we want, the way we think, talk and react, I see a difference. It's a culmination and a process that I see getting better all the time.

On late kickoffs:

We've been doing the same routine, the same night game routine for a long time. The games are played when they're played in the conditions of which they're played against the opponent they've picked. You can't control them. We can only control what we can control, and what we spend that day doing.

On Eli Ankou:

Eli's working through it and if he's ready to go through it on Saturday, he'll be ready to go.


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