UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosen Talks Offense Ahead of Arizona Game

Sept. 28 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen spoke about bouncing back from the loss to Stanford, the team's goals, the running back rotation and more Wednesday morning...


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On if there was a message during the week for bouncing back:

Not really. Just stay focused.  We have school starting and a lot of things going on so we have to keep the main thing the main thing.

On staying focused:

That’s the true test. We’re pretty much two plays away from being 4-0 and Top 5 in the country but we still have the same team and we cant let it affect us. We take each game as it comes.

On how the team has bounced back:

We had a really productive practice on Tuesday.  Today we’re mentally locked in.  At least from my perspective.  We’re still very mentally locked in and looking forward to Saturday.

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On how tightening the running back rotation will help:

It will sort of help the offense and the play calling in understanding what brand of running back we have in the game because every back has their own style, so to know who’s next to me or behind me, to get comfortable.

On having an open quarterback room:

It helps us succeed because when you're on the field and asked every question and gone through every scenario, there is nothing new you’ll see in the field. If I say ‘yes coach’ and leave it at that, and see something new, I’d be in trouble. Seals in the military will run through 100’s of every scenario, which could be tedious and frustrating, so it’s an open forum where we want to exhaust all questions so nothing is new.

On if Marques Tuiasosopo challenges them:

Yeah, this offense is more challenging, we have a lot more looks, a lot more personnel. We have a lot of combinations and when you have one play you can run with different personnel and different formations, you have different looks. You’re always studying for more.

On if they fill there is still something to play for:

Stanford is a top ten team and we think they’ll keep playing very well and will play in the Pac-12 championship so we’ll see where it goes from there.


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