UCLA Running Back Talks Changes in Rotation

Sept. 30 -- UCLA running back Bolu Olorunfunmi spoke about the rotation at running back, what went wrong in the loss to Stanford and more...


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On the running back rotation:

Right now we don’t have any idea about that. Whoever gets called, we’ll be prepared.

On if they’ve tipped their hand:

Not really sure, I’m just out there whenever my name is called and whoever’s name is called, we’re all prepared.

On if the rotation is predetermined:

It’s pretty much who’s number is called.  We all prepare with the game plan. At the end of the day, we’re all prepared and ready to go.


On comfort in any formation:

It goes back to how Coach Polamalu prepares us. We’re all prepared to run in any formation, doesn’t matter how much we weight. We’re ready for whatever he tells us to do.

On how they feel about the rotation:

Whatever we have to do to win and do better on the field, we have to do it and I support the coaches. Whoever they chose, I support it. We prepare every day with the game plan. It doesn’t matter who they choose, they’ll do a great job and step it up in the run game.

On yards left on the field in the run game:

It was pretty much our eyes and safety fits and knowing how they played. Things we have to continue to get better at game by game.

On if the versatilte backs prevents rhythm:

I think coaches do what’s best for the team and theyr’e doing a great job so far. I never doubt them, whether they tell one to go in or three to go in, we’re all ready.

On Polamalu coaching the RBs and the offense:

It’s hard because he’s the OC and your mind is all over the offesne. I understand it but he apologized for not talking to us on the sideline and said it will change. Its hard, but he’s coaching us and everyone on the offense. It’s a tough job but he’s doing a great job so far.

On refocusing after the Stanford game:

We have eight games left so there is still a chance to get in there. He said keep the taste of being in the tubs, where everyone was sad. We’re a great team and we know we’re going to do some things this year. We’ll never stop fighting, we’ll keep working and never stop. Like I said, we have eight games left and we’ll do what we need to.


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