VIDEO CONTENT: Burgess, Joseph, Moss

The first of BRO's video highlight reels for premium subscribers: UCLA commits Xavier Burgess and Kirby Joseph, as well as athlete Idris Moss...

This is the first of many highlight video reels BRO will be providing its premium subscribers.

Please be tolerant of the quality of the video. Much of the video that we receive is very second generation, and it loses some in its uploading to the Internet. Also, please be tolerant of the quality of the highlights themselves. They'll greatly vary in how good the prospect looks since some are taken from highlight videos the players have made themselves and others are edited from full games. It's probably a good thing to remember that the video content is intended primarily for BRO readers to just get a basic sense of the prospect.

This first clip is a combination of highlights of three players:
1) Xavier Burgess, UCLA's linebacker commit from Sacramento Grant. . This is tape from his junior year, when he was smaller and played mostly a stand-up left defensive end. He's #20 in your program. There are only a few plays, just to give you a sense of Burgess's quickness and speed.

2)Idris Moss, the quarterback/athlete from Rialto Eisenhower. He's #12 and seen here completely at quarterback.

3. Kirby Joseph, UCLA's linebacker commit from Louisiana. Joseph is #94 on the video, tape that goes back to his sophomore year. He also is playing mostly defensive end, but notice his quicknes and his penchant for throwing his body around.

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Of course, the video runs the best with high-speed modems, but it will also stream on ISDN and 56K speeds.

Highlight Video of Burgess, Moss and Joseph

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