UCLA WR Theo Howard Talks First Career Touchdown

Oct. 2 -- UCLA wide receiver Theo Howard spoke about his first career touchdown, staying patient early this season and his role in the offense...


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On being in the situation to score:

I was a little surprised. Really, I've been focusing on working hard and staying ready in case they needed to put me in a situation like that. I would say I was surprised.

On the touchdown:

I was a backside receiver and had a six-yard sit route and I ended up catching it and turned up field to make a play and ended up in the end zone.

On how it felt:

It felt great. Just once-in-a-lifetime experience and feeling.

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On what he was told to work on:

There is stuff I always need to work on, blocking, getting my plays down and working on getting my plays down.

On what they needed to do different:

Just execute. We have all the players and one of the best quarterbacks in the nation and all we need to do is execute and we'll be fine.

On if Josh Rosen helped them turn it around in second half:

I wouldn't say just Josh but our whole team. Our offense made plays and our defense stayed consistent and they were doing what they've been doing the last couple weeks.

On what it sounds like when Mora 'challenges' them:

Just pushing us. He's a little loud but that's what we need to push us and get us where we need to be.

On the drops:

The morale is very good. We always try to move on from mistakes. Every week in practice we come out and are cognizant and aware of mistakes we made and make sure it didn't happen again.

On playing more in the future:

Really my job is come in and contribute and do my part and be a good teammate.

On Rosen's preparation:

We feed off it a lot, him putting in the work. We all take notice of that and try to do the same thing.

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