UCLA WR Kenny Walker On Scoring Twice

Oct. 2 -- UCLA wide receiver Kenny Walker spoke following his two-touchdown performance against Arizona about building a connection with Josh Rosen, the progress of Theo Howard and more...


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On if he'll use the same braids after a two-touchdown game:

Nah, I have to keep changing it up. 

On two 62-yard touchdowns this season:

The first one was great, the second one is an add-on. This one was great because it was a scramble drill, I caught the ball and gladly broke the tackle and gave us the lead.

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On what changed:

It was more of a team effort and team determination. We got chewed out at halftime. We didn't play that well the first half, but the talk Coach Mora gave us at halftime really boosted our confidence. It gave us determination to go back out there and do it.

On Theo Howard:

I was really happy for him, at halftime I told him to be ready and his number was being called.  He came in and scored and that really helped our team. He's a polished receiver for a freshman.  He's pretty quiet and brings a lot of technique to our offense. 

On his 29-yard touchdown, the shortest of his career:

Nah, it was a great touchdown, that was a scramble drill too. It showed we weren't going to quit or settle and we'd keep putting points on the board.

On if he's building a chemistry with Rosen:

That one isn't connecting with him but more knowing where he's at and I'm supposed to be. I had a post curl route but I saw him scramble and I cut out the other way and he threw it.

On what Mora said to them at halftime:

I can't really talk about that. It stays in the locker room.

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