UCLA Defensive Coordinator Talks Defense Against Arizona

Oct. 2 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked about containing Arizona, the challenge of facing Khalil Tate and the play of Kenny Young...

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Opening statement:

We played a very good first half and came in comfortable. The second half, big plays and missed tackles. It was kind of disappointing, we have to fix those. If you're going to be a good football team, you have to stop big plays and not miss tackles. So that's what we have to do. 

On changing things a big after Arizona's first scoring drive:

We started mixing up more and that helped us. We probably stayed in things a little too long after the first series and that's my fault. Coverage and not disguising. We thought we could get away with a couple things before we changed up. We probably held on to things too long.


On Brandon Dawkins:

Yeah, he's dangerous. The thing about their quarterbacks, they could run. They're good runners, guys that can really go. I didn't know a lot about (Tate) until today, that's someone else's headache now.

On Kenny Young:

Kenny i splaying really well and playing with confidence. He's probably disappointed, there at the end, he had the quarterback, but he's playing with more and more confidence. For us to get better, as Kenny improves, that will help us. There are things you won't see, that he's improve on, his practice habits. He's much improved.

On moving Takk McKinley:

We moved Matt Dickerson inside and we had Eddie playing nose tackle. That's not easy because the 1-tech is not the 3-tech. Takk just missed a couple sacks for us.

On Kahlil Tate:

I thought he played really well. He's a big strong guy. He's a big strong young man and I thought he played very well, made some accurate throws. My hats off to him, I thought he did a heckuva job.

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