UCLA WR Darren Andrews On Gaining Consistency

Oct. 4 -- UCLA wide receiver Darren Andrews talked about his performance against Arizona, gaining consistency, the integration of Theo Howard and more...


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On his consistency as a pass-catcher:

I was told by a coach to remain consistent, my dad always told me that when I was younger.  He always said stay consistent and that's all I try to do, stay consistent for my team. Practice, practice, practice, just working on my craft, perfecting every thing, that way on the field, it's easy and natural. If I make the play in practice, I'll make it in the game.

On helping the running back's numbers with his long run:

I haven't talked to them about that. Like I said, I'm doing what I can, if its running back, receiver, whatever it is to get us on the board and help us win.


On the drops at receiver:

It's a frustrating thing. Nobody is perfect, everyone drops a pass here and there. The drops came at crucial times.  We'll go back to the drawing board, do the little things right, look at the fundamentals and we'll be fine. 

On if the drops has ramped up the competition:

The competition is always ramped up at receiver. You never know who'll play a lot. We had a lot of receivers playing, this game we narrowed it down. Play by play in the game, you don't know.  

On if narrowing down the rotation helps with continuity:

I think it helps Josh a lot, because maybe some of the receivers, he knows who's in and who to fill.  I think it helps Josh out a lot.

On Jim Mora's unsportsmanlike penalty:

I haven't talked to him about that. Everyone has asked me about it, but I haven't talked to him about it.  But it happens. Its one of those things that happens.

On if players get punished with extra work for unsportsmanlike penalties:

Nah. If its multiple times, you probably have to do it. He knows it's an emotional game. And they get caught up in the game, that's what happened to him. He's an emotional and passionate guy about football. I doubt that will happen again.

On getting it going in all three phases:

It's not luck, it's practice. Our defense played good in the first half, but our offense wasn't clicking. The special teams played great throughout the whole game. If we put all of that together starting off the game instead of waiting until the second half, so it's not too late, I think as an offense it came good and hopefully we'll get the momentum going in the next game.

On Theo Howard scoring:

I was excited for him. He didn't get a lot of reps, but his number was called at halftime. I told him to relax, it's a regular game, you've played football your whole life. After that, it's history. When I saw that happen, him making a move and scoring, I was excited for him as a freshman and I know he had a great feeling about it.

On how his number was called:

Coach Yarbs said in a certain personnel, he'd be in and I'd be inside instead of outside. That's what he was told and I made sure he was ready.

On Howard's potential:

He has a lot of potential. A lot of upside. He's just young. But that comes with reps, the more he's out there, the more experience he'll get and he'll be a great player for UCLA.

On Rosen's 'screw it and play ball' mentality:

I feel the same way. We practice so long, we shouldn't hold anything back. It's go out there and have fun and we did that in the second half. Screw it and went out and played and everything was clicking in the second half and I'm hoping we can take that into the next game and start that from the beginning of the game instead of waiting until the second half.

On how much the challenge from Mora helped:

It helped a lot. He came and talked to the offense and challenged us and said to step up. We took the challenge good and responded quite well.

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