UCLA OL Conor McDermott Talks Second Half Adjustments

Oct. 3 -- UCLA offensive tackle Conor McDermott commented on the win against Arizona, the second-half adjustments, his advice for Andre James and more...


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On the offensive line:

We just have to put all the concepts from our game plan together, and Coach Polamalu and Coach Klemm put together a great game plan, so we have to execute. 

On if there is a common breakdown theme:

Just a one time thing, they did a lot of stunts. We have to go out and execute and have a great game.


On if a featured tailback matters to the line:

You can always build chemistry with a running back, but we have 3-4 good backs. We look back to see who we're blocking for.  But they'll hit the holes and do a great job.

On not giving up a sack against Arizona:

Each week it's a point of emphasis and every week we want to attack the game plan and give up no sacks. We really emphasize it in practice.

On Andre James:

He did great, I was real happy for him. He did great and stepped up.

On what he brings to the OL:

He brings that next man up, his power and elite ability. He'll prepare like he's starting whether Kolton's back and he'll bring it and have a great game.

On what he told James:

I told him to relax and take a deep breath. It's a normal game.  Don't overthink it, be in control, go out there and have fun.

On ASU's blitzing:

They blitz a lot and bring a lot of different stunts, so we have to communicate. I know Coach Klemm and Coach Polamalu will give us concepts and we'll be ready for it.

On doing a piece for The Players Tribune with Josh Rosen:

It was awesome. I've never had an interview like that. It was a cool experience.  Kind of just talking between the two of us, but I let him do a lot of the talking. It was a fun experience.  

On trying to convince Rosen to listen to country music:

I try every day. Half the time I think he says it to make me mad or make me sad but I think deep down, he truly does like it. He liked it when I brought him to Zac Brown Band.

On who picks the practice soundtrack:

I've been asked for advice on songs, but I'm not too picky, it's background noise. I think the coaches put it together and it's been a consistent playlist.

On if he gets tired of it:

Somedays, it gets a little old. But I like it, it's a good soundtrack.

On what clicked in the second half:

We just really came together and said we had to put it together and play together. We found run plays we were executing well. We struggled in the first half, figured out what they were doing and executed in the second half and played better.

On Josh Rosen's 'screw it, lets go play' mentality:

That's literally what we had to do in the locker room. Say screw it and go play better.

On if the offense is past overthinking things:

Definitely. It's definitely the point you can get past it, have the mindset to go and have fun and play like we know and break out.

On how he feels he's been playing:

I can always improve tremendously, focus on my technique, getting better each week, growing and not settling to have a good game.


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