HC Jim Mora (Photo by Steve Cheng)

Photo Gallery: UCLA vs. Arizona

Oct. 5 -- Check out these beautiful photos from the UCLA vs. Arizona game from BRO photographer Steve Cheng...

© Steve Cheng. All Rights Reserved.

UCLA takes the field with fireworks going off above the scoreboard in the north endzone 

The team gathers before kick off 

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Coach Mora goes over his notes just before kick off 

Will Lockett and Cameron Judge tackle Cam Denson on the opening kick off 

Nate Starks blocks for Josh Rosen 

Kolton Miller 

Takk McKinley applies the heat on Arizona quarterback Brandon Dawkins 

Dawkins gets rid of the ball before getting hammered by McKinley 

Kenny Young’s turn to tee off on Dawkins 

Kenny Young 

Kenny Young delivers a big blow to Brandon Dawkins 

Josh Rosen 

Poasi Moala on the extra point after a Nate Starks 2-yard touchdown run 

Isaako Savaiinaea tackles Arizona’s fourth string running back Tyrell Johnson, who is a converted receiver 

Marcus Rios in coverage 

Jacob Tuioti-Mariner gets into the pocket and flushes out Dawkins 

Josh Rosen sets to throw 

Rosen looks to the sideline to QB Coach Marques Tuiasosopo who signals a play 

Rosen under center 

Kenny Walker with a 2-yard catch in the first quarter 

Kenny Walker 

Randall Goforth pressures Brandon Dawkins 

Arizona’s Nate Phillips with a 13-yard catch in the first quarter 

Safety Adarius Pickett finally lays a big hit on Nate Phillips 

Jaleel Wadood and Nate Meadors tackle Shun Brown on 2nd down in the first quarter. Brown lost his shoe and the ball on the play, but instant replay ruled that his knee was down before he fumbled. 

Kenny Young and Jaleel Wadood tackle Tyrell Johnson short of a 1st down in the first quarter 

Rosen scrambles on the final play of the first quarter 

Rosen looks down field to Kenny Walker 

UCLA quarterback coach Marques Tuiasosopo celebrates as Kenny Walker scores on a 62-yard touchdown catch to end the 1st quarter. 

Boss Tagaloa and Kenny Young tackle Tyrell Johsnon after he gains 3 yards in the 2nd quarter 

Randall Goforth, Kenny Young and Fabian Moreau combine to tackle Tyrell Johnson after a 5-yard gain on 2nd down in the 2nd quarter. 

Kenny Lacy and Conor McDermott drop into protection in the 2nd quarter. 

Rosen passes to Eldridge Massington in the 2nd quarter 

Eldridge Massington makes a 37-yard catch in the 2nd quarter 

Eldridge Massington 

Conor McDermott protects Rosen on third down 

JJ Molson misses a 36-yard field goal in the 2nd quarter 

Kenny Young blows up Brandon Dawkins yet again in the 2nd quarter #merciless 

Kenny Lacy blocks for Josh Rosen in the 2nd quarter 

Nate Starks rushes up the middle for a short gain in the 2nd quarter 

Rosen escapes a sack and buys time 

Rosen gets rid of the ball before going down 

Massington drops a 3rd down pass in the 2nd quarter 

Kenny Young sacks Brandon Dawkins 

Kenny Young, ferocious eyes after his sack 

Ishmael Adams takes an awkward fall trying to make a catch 

Adams’ head bounced hard off the grass 

Matt Dickerson bull rush 

Dickerson forces Dawkins to move out of the pocket 

Deon Hollins gets into the backfield and cuts off Dawkins’ escape lane 

Deon Hollins forces Dawkins to back peddle and get rid of the ball 

Johnny Den Bleyker, Andre James and Poasi Moala watch JJ Molson’s field goal go through the uprights in the 3rd quarter. UCLA leads 24-7. 

Past and present UCLA baton twirlers, Jade and Michelle. 

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Caleb Wilson returns a short kick off in the 3rd quarter 

Andre James and Najee Toran man the right side of the line in the 3rd quarter 

Nate Starks had 17 carries for 83 yards and one touchdown 

Nate Starks runs for 12 yards in the 3rd quarter 

Theo Howard emerged in the 3rd quarter 

Kenny Walker escapes being tackled on his way towards the end zone 

Kenny Walker 

Kenny Walker gets tackled at the 1-yard line after a 21 yard gain to close out the 3rd quarter

Josh Rosen gets crushed on a quarterback bootleg on 1st down at the 1-yard line to open the 4th quarter.

Rosen keeps the ball again on 2nd down and scores on a quarterback sneak. UCLA leads 31-10 in the 4th quarter.

Scott Quessenberry checks the scoreboard after Rosen’s touchdown

Jim Mora in the 4th quarter

Takk McKinley blows up reserve quarterback Khalil Tate for a 3-yard loss in the 4th quarter

Rick Wade tries to tackle Khalil Tate

Rick Wade tries to knock down Khalil Tate’s pass

Eli Ankou out of the sling

DL Coach Angus McClure

Jim Mora

Randall Goforth reacts after a 50-yard punt return in the 4th quarter

Jim Mora

Kenny Walker scores on a 29-yard touchdown catch in the 4th quarter

Kenny Walker celebrates with Bolu Olorunfunmi after Walker's 29-yard touchdown catch in the 4th quarter

Matt Dickerson in the face of Khalil Tate

Takk McKinley levels Khalil Tate

Darren Andrews with a 4-yard catch in the 4th quarter

Josh Rosen throws with Andre James in protection

Davonte Neal breaks up an underthrown pass intended for Darren Andrews in the 4th quarter

Soso Jamabo takes a short pass and runs for 33-yards as Quessenberry and Toran block up field in the 4th quarter

Soso Jamabo

Darren Andrews scores on a 26-yard run in the 4th quarter

Kenny Young tracks Khalil Tate out of bounds in the 4th quarter

Reserve cornerback Johnny Johnson gets time on the field in the 4th quarter

Nick Terry and Tahaan Goodman tackle Terrell Johnson in the 4th quarter

Tahaan Goodman

Kolton Miller leaves the field before the game’s final snap.

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