UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora Previews ASU Matchup

Oct. 5 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke about the play of Andre James filling in at right tackle last week, commented on injury reports and previewed the matchup against Arizona State...

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Opening statement:

It was a good morning. A good practice, great energy, they were focused and into it, competitive as heck. Health wise, we're getting better and better, I like the direction we're going. Like I said on Monday, great opportunity and great challenge going to Arizona State and we're excited about it and the improvements we're making. It was fun to watch these guys really mature as young men and as a football team.

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On the injured:

I don't like talking about injuries unless their really obvious and I appreciate people wanting to know. But competitive advantages, it doesn't do any good if we let our opponent know who's playing and who's not, and I hope people can respect that.

On if he wants to see it like the NFL where there is an injury report:


On if he likes the college approach:

Yeah. I do.  The NFL does it for bettors. That's the only reason they release an injury report, is for bettors. I don't think I want to encourage people to bet on college football. If they do, they do. Our job is to win, not provide the information to the fans and the teams that could hurt our ability to win.

On Andre James:

I thought he did a nice job and what helped him is we had been using him in our big package, as a tight end, so he's gotten some snaps. So to go out on Saturday, in a competitive game, it was tight when he got in there, and played 33 snaps. He's physical and he lacks a little experience, but he got those plays and plays earlier in the season, it's really benefited him.

On being reprimanded by the Pac-12:

My focus is on Arizona State and that's it. Saturday and Arizona State.

On J.J. Molson:

He's come out this week, he banked one off the top of the goal post, I haven't seen him kick as well this season as he had the last two days. Confidence, straight, strong, good operation time. I see the kid growing up and maturing. I'm excited about him. He's serious about his craft and wants to be good. Andrew Stroud pushes him every day, he's a good kicker and get that competition and everyone gets better from it.

On Austin Kent:

He's really hard on himself, he needs to sometimes take a breath and lighten up. He wasn't happy with the way he punted on Saturday night. He and J.J. and Johnny (Den Bleyker), our snapper, they've done a really good job for not having a lot of experience. And I think they will because of their attitude and maturity.

On his meeting with Mique Juarez:

That's stuff we want to keep in-house. Our philosophy since the whole Mique stuff started was to protect him and I think it's better off that those are things right now we don't talk about. In the future, if he wants to talk about it, that would be up to Mique.  That's up to him and his family, that's not really my place to speak for him.

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